Nursing Audit

This is review of the literature consists of scientific articles of national thematic audit of nursing. The dates were grouped into categories: Audit of nursing and quality of care you notice the rolls of nursing audit’ ‘ and ‘ ‘ duties of the nurse auditor.’ ‘ The analysis of the articles showed that the effectiveness of the audit nursing facilitate the assessment of quality of care provided you the client providing conditions will be its improvement. It was observed that the nursing you notice represent one of the research in the audit and that the nurse is the professional nursing enabled the audit function. Knowing that nursing is undergoing the curriculum reform, we believe it is teams will be reflection on the responsibility of educational institutions have you prepares professionals you perform the audit function in nursing and health. KEY WORDS: Audit of nursing; Quality of health care; Nursing rolls of professional. Superior part of the form.

Dictionary INTRODUCTION. The word auditorship has its origin in Latin ‘ ‘ audire’ ‘ that she means to hear, and that all person who possesss the function to verify the legitimacy of the economic-financial facts, giving accounts to a superior, could be considered as auditor. In the sector health, the first auditorship was carried through in 1918 with the objective to evaluate the practical doctor. Of beginning, this activity if characterized as a policialesca action, but to the few, it was receiving a new connotation. The auditorship service always was associated with the control administrative-financier of the organizations. Errors in collections, generating financial damage to the health institution, are related to the misregistration of materials and used medicines, as much for the nursing team how much doctor. In this in case that, the auditorship that it aims at to the reduction of financial losses is of great relevance.

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Emotional Health

In the hectic worries and troubles all of us have to combine family and work, parents, friends, every now and then solving any problems. And so to unwind and relax, neither the strength nor the time often have no choice but inevitably causes accumulation of negative emotions and cause many different problems. In order to strengthen our mental state, experienced psychologists often recommend to joke and laugh. Sovreshenno obvious that simply because, at the request of laughter of itself does not 'squeeze out', especially when getting involved in trouble or conflict. And because that is not too often in such conflicts fall, we suggest you: Remember to watch comedy peperdachi (as you long loved, and something new) – 'Comedy Club', 'Thank God you came', 'Evening quarter' kvn 'Laughter without rules', calling for a joint session of laughter of friends. Very often in such a joint session, many people do not only laugh at a joke, but still, feeling 'at ease' own jokes – jokes and aphorisms are born right before our eyes! In general, in a friendly company always cheerful! Often joke on himself and others, but, of course, do it with kindness, without sarcasm. You can also poke fun at the different habits of friends, acquaintances and colleagues, just do it gently and strive to anyone it does not hurt.

Regularly visit the web resources with anecdotes, jokes, gags, funny pictures and all sorts of humor. The best advise from the found to share with your friends, colleagues and friends, and finding themselves in the company of loved ones, be sure to surprise all very new and aphorism Tell a couple of fun anecdotes. Do not forget about the funny stories of life in which you or your friends visited. Such stories certainly all cheer to cause joy and raise all mood. In the event that you are more prone to the drawings, it is recommended that you also see the funny pictures, (most humorous resources such images are present in abundance!), Which can then be send an email to your friends and family. If your buddies a good sense of humor, they will certainly appreciate such a surprise and verotyano send you something in return – because everyone nice to get surprises, especially when it comes from a friend or loved one. Periodically try their talents in a matter of interest to you areas, find for itself a new exciting hobby, and to develop and bring interesting aspects of an already existing entrainment. It is no secret that intriguing and unknown certainly adds to your life fun and positive emotions. Always raduyte and entertain friends, because, giving pleasure to people, we will return we get from them fun and laughter, multiplying many times!

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In its Zimerman literature (2005, P. 35), it tells that: Being the aging a gradual loss of the functional efficiency, always has a necessity of adequacy to the new reality. Moreover, not we must to forget that each old one is a different individual, that needs a personal program of work, in accordance with its necessities. We must lead in account its past, its luggage, its losses, as well as its gift, its possibilities, its profits, its psicossocial and economic endorsement. Thus we will only be working so that this old either person honeys healthful, capable to use all its potentialities and to have a happyer life. 2,2 ssea anatomy In its literature Tortora and Grabowske (2002), affirms that the bone is an alive texture, complicated and energetic which is part of a pursuing without interruption in the process of dynamic remodelamento propitiating new bones and degrading old bones. Thus, bone is one fabric multi-functional constituted by three cellular types: the osteoblastos, the ostecitos and the osteoclastos.

The first cellular type drift of the osteoprogenitoras cells of the ssea marrow and if locates in the surface of trabculas, the canal To have of the fabric sseo ostenico and in the peristeo, and its main function is to synthecize the not mineralized ssea matrix. These cells have as function to keep the viability of the fabric sseo (OCARINO; SERAKIDES, 2005). For Rebelatto and Morelli (2004), the bones are formed by two macrocospic layers: cortical, situated bone is of the bone, it is the layer hardest, and the spongy one, that it is called bone to trabecular that is inside of the bone, being been most vulnerable osteoporose. The bone is a protector of the agencies who has as function to support the body, to assist in the movements, to raise the muscular system, and still serves to keep calcium and leaves minerals the organism.

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