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Sunscreen Offers More Than Sun And Shade

On almost all glazing, a sunscreen can be installed later. Sun and UV protection with a slide. Cost-efficient and effective. Ordinary glass is not only light, but also heat by radiation of the Sun in the rooms. Mainly South, West, and roofs are very problematic. Solar control glazing or Sun protection systems also offer good protection here. Exterior blinds, awnings and sun protection films are very effective. You block the radiation from the sun before or on the glass.

Sunscreen all solar shading systems changed the overall appearance of the building usually the least sun protection film and certainly is an effective, long-lasting and cost-effective solution. The sun protection with sunscreen should be to reject as much solar energy as bright, reflective foil, not dark, strongly absorbing films. Dark, strongly absorbing films mostly pass the absorbed heat on the glass. They reflect very little. Establishing a The construction of a modern, high-quality sunscreen sunscreen consists of at least 6 layers. (a) transparent protective film b) adhesive with UV absorbers c) clear or tinted polyester film with UV absorbers and d) aluminum evaporation (or other metals) e) clear polyester film f) scratch-resistant coating of sunscreen the rejection of total solar energy lies depending on foil type up to over 80% on the glass of reduced radiation.

Sunscreen offers a high reduction of the sunlight into the rooms, relieving the energy costs of air conditioning, reduces fading more expensive furniture etc. The solar control films have a 99% UV protection. In addition, a mirrored sunscreen provides protection from prying eyes on the day and provides a very appealing design. Professor Roy Taylor can provide more clarity in the matter. In contrast to other solar systems, solar control films are easy to install. No special knowledge and tools are needed to coat a regular House window. The sunscreen remains firmly laid on the glass throughout the year. The Cleaning the window remains normal glass. The scratch-resistant coating, solar control films are stain-resistant and easy to clean. Even “light” solar control films which are hardly on the discs create a radiation reduced on the glass by almost 50% and have a UV-protection of over 99%. Teflon coated sunscreen even there is Teflon-coated solar control films for the roof area where a cleaning of the film is as good as no longer necessary. The dirt can not stick due to the Teflon coating and is washed away with the next rain. Prior to the acquisition of tinting should be detailed advice from a specialist company. There are many different solar control films to today’s modern glazing. It is not something Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta would like to discuss. Many shades and variations and almost a solution for every need. Durability with the correct slide, you will achieve a very high sun protection and have many years of a very effective and long-lasting protection. The durability of a high-quality premium foil is located indoors at about 15-20 years. In the Outdoor at 10-15 years (depending on the laying method header or vertical) without the film is seriously losing performance. The film can be well again completely removed and replaced by a new one. The expensive replacement of glass or other Sun systems etc. is omitted. Where are the slides? There are the largest plants for Sun protection films in the United States. The company LLumar is the leader here. The currently most advanced film plant located in India and provides sun protection and many more feature films under the name “Garware”. In Germany, these films under the name solar TEC be (sun– point) distributed. A specialist will be happy to extensively consult and inform.