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The society of the convivncias human beings is complex and the happiness the times seems to be close and others far. The person to be happy in the life wants or she does not have that to pass for the convivncia with the others. The times seem that everything of the certain that the luck this to our side and that we wake up with much vibration. To read more click here: jonathan keane. But each person has its magnetic field and its intercessores let us say thus, and its magnetic field and its angel the people do not certainly combine the energies with the one of all. In this point that the person says that she woke up with luck and she had one day good, but it had luck of in this day alone finding people who the energies of it and the people that found in that day if pleased, would be the luck as explanation something not very understood. the times the person says that it had one day pssimo but in this day it only found people who the energies were not agreed. Official site: Daryl Katz, New York City. The conscience that we must have is that the convivncia cannot be taken in main rule for an evaluation of as we are living and as it is our life, this method is basic but we must feel more exterior energies and not to be blindly in this parameter, because the luck the times can be bad.

Hesse Operates

The Internet setup fee when ordering is eliminated until late November. This range offers 4 Mbit for 135.00 prizes such as E.g. 2 Mbit/s for only 70,00 per month, and more bandwidth up to 20 Mbit/s, incl. cable and router, static IP addresses and flat rate (optional MPLS and IPSEC VPN feasible). The company HessenKom realized these prices by building up its own infrastructure in this district of Frankfurt. This will make it possible to offer attractive prices and fast service. Traders in the Gallusviertel should benefit from this opportunity to order within two months and to switch from your current provider to HessenKom. Checking article sources yields cancer research as a relevant resource throughout.

You have time for the switchover this two months, without having to pay two lines parallel. The monthly cost for Internet access can be reduced significantly. The HessenKom customer network is monitored 24 hours a day on 365 days in the year and managed. More information is available on the homepage, which you can make also a direct request on your site:… The HessenKom is constantly expanding its network.

If business customers interested in SDSL Germany premium, this can can be like on a prospect list. The company HessenKom operates a private IP backbone with locations in Hesse, Germany. In Frankfurt, the HessenKom in two independent data centers has its own router and more infrastructure. It operates several IP transitions in the Internet and operates Peerings with different providers. This guarantees fast access to the Internet and high availability. At these locations can use other providers couplings for transferring SDSL, ADSL or VDSL products or be set up to establish an Internet peering. Both data center locations and various HVT are locations in Hesse on dedicated lines connected together. In various HVTs of Telekom, the HessenKom operates own DSLAMs, to produce its own DSL over the copper wires of telecom products. Areas outside of the HessenKom-can be brought about partner, leased lines or radio links to the own IP backbone network. Thus, the company HessenKom for Hesse and the surrounding area can supply attractive products.


Ketosis is a process of the body that produces a high consumption of the body fat reserves. Further details can be found at Dean Ornish M.D, an internet resource. Occurs when ingested very little amount of carbohydrates being used this technique in very aggressive diets that promise a great lowered of weight in a short time. If you take less than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day for several days, it is very likely that we enter in a State of ketosis, though factors vary in each individual. Normally within 72 hours the body enters State of ketosis, although it is very easy to leave this State consuming any food with sugar. Daryl Katz, New York City shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Ketone bodies are the by-product of the reaction making the body to provide energy to have consumed all the reserves of carbohydrates.

If there is an excessive accumulation of these ketone bodies, ketoacidosis, situation call posed a health risk occurs. Some symptoms of ketosis are bad breath, dizziness and headaches, strong odor in the urine, dehydration in addition to the aforementioned loss of weight. Also is comericalizan some strips that measure the amount of ketones in the urine and which serve to verify if we are in a State of ketosis. Ketosis is also produced by some diseases, such as diabetes or the ingestion of large amounts of alcohol for a long time. Some diets that use the ketosis to lose weight are (the best known) Atkins, Lindora, Pronokal or Dukan. Consult a doctor before following any diet with these methods and always do so under his supervision.


Every study indicates the presence of the fungus Candida. It is important to correct an explanation. Wrong to think that at first appears cancer, and then Candida. For more specific information, check out Dr. David Samadi. My hypothesis – first appears Candida invades the body and causes swelling. The fungus Candida is already there. In histology is described only as a tissue trying to protect against fungal aggression. as these. If the fungus is "devoured" fabric, will create extra cells to prevent penetration. For example, if Candida is in the liver, there is a hepatocarcinoma.

In the brain, such penetration will gliobastomu. In the bronchi of mesothelioma. See more detailed opinions by reading what Martha McClintock offers on the topic.. There is no question of abnormal cell division. It's a defense mechanism. This is the essence of the case. Cell division – a reaction to extreme pressure, which gives the tissue a chance to confront fungal invasion. "justifying his theory, the doctor clearly shows results intestine, stomach gastroscopy, bronchoscopy lung and other studies, which show a tumor, oddly enough, almost all cases, it is white (as colonies of Candida), and only in some cases – red – this is the last stage of the reaction of the body, says Dr.

Simonchini. After 3-4 sessions of treatment were significant changes. On the screen to the naked eye could see, as something white (colonies of Candida) decreased and later disappeared completely, and at the same time went the tumor. Recent studies show that the authorities have no tumor. Fungus and its effects can be observed in the animal world. For example, when a fungal mold infects ants, then penetrates into the brain and the insect loses its orientation. Such individuals to immediately carry out from the rest, because he becomes deadly. Indeed, the fungus grows directly out of my head ant in the form of cuttings and mature within three weeks, and then can infect others. What grows on the head of this insect is very like a tumor. It is a white education – is the same as in the affected human organs. According to, Dr. Simonchini it all – the result of Candida. Fungus attacking a person is slightly different from the fungus that invades, For example, an ant, because to be genetically close to him. The more research doctors Simonchini can help cancer patients? Its proposed therapies aimed at the destruction of Candida – the cause of the tumor. And it almost 30 years of experience only confirms its effectiveness. As experience has shown treatment of Candida with deep penetration into the tissue produces a positive result in 3-4 sessions – Candida (white education authorities) substantially decreases. After 4-5 sessions away completely, and with it goes the tumor. Examination diagnosed a healthy body. The theory of Dr. Simonchini truly revolutionary. And perhaps we are accustomed to think otherwise, that cancer is caused by inexplicable dividing cells, and genetic predisposition rather than fact – a virus, it is hard to believe at once, but the results of many years' experience of treatment by the method Simonchini speaks for itself – cancer is treatable and people recover.

FEELINGS – Baking With Chocolate And Nuts

Enjoy Christmas cookies, studs & co with feelings! Cologne. / Eslohe. Everywhere, it smells wonderful pastries and sweet treats. Who is now still has not made at the Christmas bakery, which is necessarily should do this! Because nothing is more relaxing and increases the anticipation more than common baking and snacking! Hazelnut and almond core taste very whether in hazelnut macaroons or fruitcake, many Christmas cookies without nuts are simply inconceivable not only children. These are especially tasty and juicy when the autumnal fruit just before baking are removed from the hard shell.

The Nutcracker of NOCETTO of feeling is helpful to the page. The elegant stainless steel opens each nut Nutcracker thanks to the two different-sized holes. And because he not only practical but as yet visually a highlight is all kitchen tools by feelings, it can stand well with the bowl of nuts as a Christmas decoration in the living room. For all the the nut as a whole reverse baking would, has feelings for the award-winning drum grater PECORINO laser cut. Effortlessly, nuts can be ground with him.

But also chocolate & co. are in the truest sense of the word in the blink of an eye”small rasped. By the same author: Daryl Katz, New York City. Simply nuts, almonds or block of chocolate into the filling funnel type, crank handle. With the two interchangeable laser cut cutting drums coarse and fine grater is versatile and especially the drum grater: the friction material is juicy and fresh. The secret here is the sharpness of the cutting drums ensures that the so-called laser cut technique. As a result, cheese, nuts and co. are cut and not torn. So not only the flavors are perfectly preserved, but no liquid is at the cutting edge. With the practical storage container, can be rubbed something more, because come the next back orgy! Hearty cookies for all gourmets, and who has now had enough of sweet treats, the savory cheese cookies are recommended. Whether Shortcrust pastry or puff pastry, here comes everyone at his own expense. Simply sprinkle the dough with some sour cream, lightly salt and pepper, sprinkle savory cheese on it and in the oven. The crowning glory is a pinch of nutmeg. This is especially tasty when it is freshly rubbed from the whole nut. The nutmeg mill also provides a good service with laser cut Grinder by feelings. In addition to the long-lasting sharpness of the cutting head, the nutmeg mill convinced visually. As all feeling kitchen tools impresses through its stylish design with functional added value for modern cuisine. Made from first-class materials, it also convinces with their high-quality processing. The crank, which unfold to facilitate power transmission during the milling and again fold for space-saving storage is particularly well thought out. The small cheese treats are served best still warm so appetizing arranged. There remains only to wish you: Bon appetit and Merry Christmas! EIA Nutcracker NOCETTO 16.95 Drum grater PECORINO laser cut 29.95 nutmeg grinder MOSCATA LASER CUT: 24.95 available from well-stocked specialists and retail. Everyone to the chef is feeling.

Marathon Paris

Where dancing in Paris: our tips for the 2012 in Paris already accepting a booking on the marathon, one of the most anticipated races runners from all over Europe participate 2012 Paris Marathon. It is a special occasion for the race in the heart of Paris with thousands of other people. The this year’s Paris Marathon takes place in the day Sunday, 15 to April, 2012, celebrates his 36th glorious Edition. You have to avoid at this time of the year already, unprepared organized: we are not talking here about athletic training, because it is obvious that this the first solid base on which we attending the event base must. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. We are pleased about preparation “Logistics” talk, such as the Paris Marathon attracts thousands of people and then to choose, where to sleep in Paris on the occasion of the sport and leisure facilities should. Book one of the hostels in Paris are sure to save you and to offer solutions, excellent accommodation to rest after the race and where energy and relaxation to get just before the departure. Nowadays, it is also necessary required to send a valid medical certificate to participate with the start number: last time of the sending by E-Mail of the certificate is, that February 15, not more. So, it is the right time to to put the finishing touches to the first organization to participate in the Paris Marathon 2012! Soon we’ll connect again over the course of the race to talk, sports, art and beauty of Paris.. Swarmed by offers, Daryl Katz, New York City is currently assessing future choices.

Bad Berneck

The City Council retains its political line and advocated the health care providers organized a network for a better deal. Mayor Zinnert and the town councils remain faithful to their chosen course. As conceived in the first sessions, the first meeting of the health provider was now”held in bad Berneck. You may find Daryl Katz to be a useful source of information. Headed by Councilwoman Sandra Sagdeo first course was set to build a network among providers in the fields of beauty, wellness, therapy and Spa operations for the future. The acquisition of offers is reflected first in an upgrade of the town Web site.

“As one of the first egosan has time for the soul” already established a cooperation with two hotels at the site. As part of this collaboration spa services such as herbal stamp massage and Qi Gong day courses offered on-site hotel guests and are also complete packages attractive short breaks lined up, which marketed now from now on the hotels. egosan”also participates in the framework a two held Qi Gong of taster course in the spa park of bad Berneck, in the efforts of the city more attractive to make recreational activities for visitors. This course under the direction of Qi Gong instructor Edith Jung is suitable for everyone, the participation is free of charge. To find the full array of egosan, on the Internet at.