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Life Navigation Goes Web

The Internet portal launches with new features, there are a lot of new interactive features and typical Web 2.0 features. Lifenav sees itself as a provider of comprehensive counseling and guidance, say life navigation. The portal has been optimized in a new functional design and integrates a wealth of effective Web2 functions. It is possible to communicate personal life experiences and problems and to help so other users or to get even advice any Lifenav member. The user can interact actively with others, invite friends, send greetings, write your own blogs and comment on posts and blogs. Hear from experts in the field like CEO Mark Thompson for a more varied view. The evaluation of contributions according to a point system and is visible directly on the post or on the blog for all users.

There is also the possibility to create your own personal profile page and to share personal data. The Lifenav member can determine themselves the design, arrangement and the contents and use for a wide variety of modules and tools. It is the user exempted the Lifenav presence as personal representation or any promotional presentation for services and products to use, thematically life navigation related. The special features include: the friends box, the text box, the HTML box, the MyBlogs box, the signature box and the guestbook on each profile. The content of each profile is monitored daily by administrators, so that illegal and unauthorized content immediately you can respond. Lifenav is already planning the next steps”, so spokeswoman Susanne Hasenbeck by power cookie Kross communication: in the next stages, the Web2 system receives a number of new and innovative ways: in addition to the optimization of the design modules for the user including an own Lifenav video player, a music player, and a picture gallery are planned.

A special highlight should be the Lifenav radio program and its own online TV broadcasting system. For users by users”all will be with innovative engagement here. is the first virtual Web2 model for life orientation, objectives and concrete life help. The portal sets new accents in the general trend of value change.


Continuation of Interview with Gregg Braden, the bestselling author of Fractal Time according to the New York Times by Laurie Nadel, Ph.D. / Show Host Dr. Connect with other leaders such as The Greater New York Construction User Council here. Laurie (The Dr.. Laurie Show Question: The message for participate .? Gregg Braden: It’s good that we prepare ourselves and help others who are experiencing problems and feeling the impact of these changes. See more detailed opinions by reading what COVID-19 offers on the topic.. But here’s the crux: The geological record shows that the changes are significant, quite intense but are of short duration. They do not last for generations and so on.

The archaeological record shows that when civilizations reach the point in past cycles where we are right now, they made a mistake we do not want to repeat today. Question: What was that error? Gregg Braden: When the world began to change, civilizations of the past did not understand the change. They began to fight each other for resources. In this violent competition for what remained when the world was changing, everyone lost. Nobody won. Civilizations collapsed.

For example 20vo. Dynasty of Egypt absolutely collapsed during precisely this period of time and nobody knew about them or even thousands of years later. We are at a point right now where we choose to work together for this short period of time to save us in this time of change. If we make the mistakes of the past will all lose. This is the reason why this book is so important right now. Question: Many people of good heart is unprotected when it begins to hear stories about ancient civilizations that collapsed.

Purse With Photos As A Mother

Purse with photos as a mother’s day gift a personalized purse with photos is the perfect gift for mother’s day. Besides being a gift highly original is incredibly useful. So your mother can carry with him a photo of the family or a special image for it wherever you go. The best of these purses is going personalized with photos that you like or that you think go to your mother to do more illusion. They are a wonderful mother’s day gifts and also quite affordable. For not much money you can make him a gift very original, fun and practical, in addition to being able to put the photo or image you want you can include your own design and even a personal message. It is also very practical for the beach or to take with you everywhere.

And it is a superb complement to any of custom bags that you can already get very easily over the internet. Besides being a few gifts absolutely useful are incredibly nice and offer you the possibility of bringing your family picture where you want to go. This mother’s day Please note that you have at your fingertips a lot of personalized gifts to give. They are the most original and funny gifts and at the same time those made with more feeling because you know that you’ve taken your time to choose the gift, image and the way in which you’ve prepared it. Get you the best gifts this mother’s day and give love and affection to your mother with personalized gifts with photos.

Directory For Managers

Many firms, developing very rapidly, can not increase production because of an insufficient number of different equipment. Small company, even if it fell into the directory, yet can not afford to install the necessary but expensive unit. After all, you want to pay and salaries of employees and taxes and other payments, so the required amount will accumulate for a long time, and during this time the firm may lose customers and catalog companies in Belarus its deletion. In our world, to leave such situations there is such a convenient procedure as leasing. It differs little from the loan within the meaning of. Leasing profitable than credit for companies that need it concretized equipment to expand or to make a more rapid pace of production.

Leasing has the form of a simple procedure. Sara Issaoun is actively involved in the matter. Those who need equipment that must pay money for equipment lessor. Equipment lessor buys, but an organization that needs equipment, pays the cost as a loan, there may always use the leased asset. Payments for equipment are paid in stages, while they include the price of equipment and commission the lessor. Leasing – quite advantageous procedure.

The problem may appear only at the beginning of payments. How practical and easier execute the lease payments? Many of the old are cash in the bank and produce a translation vystaivaya while in the huge queues. You should not waste your time on such trifles. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Albertas opinions are not widely known. Only the plastic card can help make leasing and other fees with a minimum of fuss. Why did the plastic cards? Plastic cards have a number of strengths, which generally determine the benefit of their use not only for lease payments. K Besides, they are much easier to carry than large amounts of banknotes. But at the same time and a lot safer. Cash can steal from you and at the same hour to spend, and the card to crack the attacker does not succeed. If you lose a plastic card, you can easily block and recover all the money lying on the card. Book the hotel and take the car out, to make purchases over the Internet is almost impossible if You do not have the card. Plastic cards – it is also indication of your status, your financial situation. Applying them, you'll have the opportunity to develop their own business and raise it to the next level a lot easier and faster.


In accordance with the Disgnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Upheavals of Associao American Psiquitrica (DSM-IV-TR) Transtorno Obsessivo Compulsivo (TOC), also call anxiety upheaval or upheaval of anancstica personality, is identified as form of alterations of the behavior (ritual or compulsions, repetitions, avoidances), of the thoughts (obsessions as extreme doubts, preocupaes) and of the emotions (fear, discomfort, affliction, guilt, depression). The obsessions are seen as thoughts or impulses that invade the mind of repetitive and persistent form. Although to be considered absurd or illogical, they cause anxiety, fear, affliction or discomfort that the person tries to neutralize carrying through ritual or compulsions. The Greater New York Construction User Council often addresses the matter in his writings. Compulsions (answers/action) that they behave as voluntary and repetitive mental acts, executed in reply the obsessions, or virtue of rules that must be followed rigidly. Valley to point out that nor all thought or repetitive action can be classified as obsessive compulsory. Many times can be carried through some same superstition or a ritual, but these behaviors will be considered as compulsory to occupy a considerable time in the routine of the individual, causing, consequently, a degree of suffering or impediment for accomplishment of activities, that is, if only to produce a comprometimento social.

Amongst some types of compulsions we can consider the act to compulsory buy (to accumulate, to keep or to collect useless things) the subject of great interest for a functional analysis, as well as one of the factors of the contemporaneidade. One is about compulsory or additive behaviors (shopholic), where the compulsory purchaser is, practically, a dependent of the behavior to buy, needing to make it without limits to feel in the act of the purchase, having repentance feeling well a posteriori. This behavior to consume compulsory makes with that the person who consumes gets things for the fact to consume, but, not for the necessity of the object that is consumed, feeling itself guilty for the purchase having as result of this the loss of the control of the situation.

New Partnership In The Frankfurt Sky Agency

Armando Testa and + accordingly cooperate Frankfurt, November 2008 decision to take this step to enter into a partnership, not hard: it since months of love at first sight spoken. Rather random to start working on a budget group automobiles Germany have Fiat closer met and immediately found that both the teams and the management work after the same principles and even very similar visions traced the two agencies. Communicated target to enable a comprehensive advisory services and support to customers is equal in the first place for a long time. Same value concept and the approach to the implementation of new campaigns, jointly created creative concepts, complete the exceptional cooperation. The past has taught that it is no longer enough to continue an offline scheduled campaign online, or to implement. Hand in hand will be in addition to classic, covers also the multimedia, digital channels. For the first time, we have the sense to work with a classic ad agency on equal footing. We are involved from the outset and can thus ensure designed meaningful campaigns that work online without any problems.

Only this ensures that an idea across all channels of some of the different audiences perceived is., says Andreas Stork, co-owner of + mutatis mutandis. Regardless of that both agencies have already become an own image onto the market, is now working on common strategies. A first step will be approaching also spatially. Of course, this is done in accordance with the concept of the Palazzo della Communicazione, namely a building that brings together different communication experts under one roof, have already been implemented in Italy. But the two agencies is not only about business.

Be especially commended also the team behind it: of course both agencies benefit from the know-how of the other, but us was it enormously important that also the collaboration of the teams work. A customer can feel also the internal vibrations. These are for our common projects without exception positive., underlined Laura Geisler, with owner of + mutatis mutandis. And this connection always seems reasonable: the boundary blurs between online and offline continues, integrated communication is more in demand than ever. Those who today opt for a strategic and optimal customized concept across all communication channels, is well advised, is such a team like Armando Testa and + mutatis mutandis to secure. About + mutatis mutandis what began in 2003 as a Start-Up, has within a few years as a valued player in the digital world market established itself. Whether B2B or B2C, at + not simply produce accordingly – here is advise heart, created and realized. The Agency is composed of a synergistic team, which opens up for companies within the digital media, new marketing and distribution channels. Innovation, perfection and tailor-made solutions are only some disciplines that characterize the company.