Antibiotic Medications

The way in which combat bacterial vaginosis is through the administration of drugs that contain specific antibiotics for bacteria that produces them and are administered by mouth or vaginal. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. and gain more knowledge.. After having carried out the relevant tests and have isolated samples in a laboratory, the doctor will determine the duration of the treatment to segur and the recommendations for the dosage of medicines. Depending on the case and the gravity a certain treatment is will prescribe or combine several different. The antibiotics that are prescribed to treat vaginosis bacterial is are metronidazole orally in dose 400-500 mg twice a day for 5-7 days or 2 gene dose a single outlet. It can also manage clindamycin both vaginally in the form of cream 2% during a week or orally 300 g every twelve hours for a week.

Both forms are equally effective and can also be combined together and can be used without problems during pregnancy. The treatment should be administered by full even when the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, it disappears because the absence of symptoms does not presents guarantees of healing. They must take precautions during treatment as in any other prescription, follow the dosage to the letter and inform the doctor about any details that may be relevant as allergies to certain components or the use of other medications that may cause incompatibility. Users of oral contraceptives like birth control pills, we recommend that you use another barrier medium such as condoms during infection and its treatment. This recommendation is that condom prevents the exchange of fluids that can feed to germs that cause infection and on the other hand, antibiotics reduce the effectiveness of the pill so it is also useful to prevent unwanted pregnancies. As the administration of the treatment rarely exceeds two weeks, it is rare that these symptoms occur but if you’re taking the contraceptive pill and is It produces a bleeding in the period of ovulation while you’ve been taking antibiotics, don’t panic, because it is perfectly normal. If you use condoms during treatment and during the following weeks until the following rule, you don’t have to spend anything.

This not only recommendation is applicable to the antibiotics prescribed for bacterial vaginosis, but for which you prescribe in any type of infection. As in any other medication the important recommendations come specified in the operating instructions. Another important issue is not to mix drugs with harmful substances like alcohol that could cause problems in its metabolization in the case of metronidazole, alcohol intake although they are minimum quantities may cause nausea and vomiting. To discover more information visit Bacterial Vaginosis treatment, where you can learn about my story and how I almost accidentally cure of the infection.Click here. Don’t forget to add me to Facebook!