Assumption Of Costs Prior To Treatment

Private health insurance can refuse reimbursement who is private health insurance, should be inspected before investigations or operations of its insurance, whether it actually covers the costs. Otherwise, the insured risk that the insurance company denied the costs after treatment. The private insurance Portal informs about a corresponding court judgment. Those who opt for private health insurance, would like to hedge fully, inter alia in the event of a disease. In many cases, a private health insurance company may offer a larger insurance protection as statutory health insurers. This better performance but also on certain conditions are often linked.

For example, many private health insurance companies in some cases check whether they cover the costs for a treatment or an investigation. This means that a patient in certain cases should rely not on, that his insurance really bear the corresponding costs. The applies to a recent judgment of the Oberlandesgericht Koln also in the case of medically necessary therapies or interventions. Private health insurance companies have therefore the right to consider a treatment and, where appropriate, to propose alternatives. A patient can be consider a treatment not in advance, it is the insurance reserved to refuse reimbursement. Who so wants to treat or must, should in advance get a pledge of financial support from its insurance company. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann