Barcelona Classes

DJ Barcelona classes are looking for DJ classes in Barcelona? I offer classes tailored to your needs and custom DJ! DJ classes learn to puncture does not amount if you prefer to use vinyl, Cd s or computer. In particular classes with Dj Vinz Player will learn as: sync issues apply effects work with loops Mastering EQ select topics that harmonically combine. Kinds of dj in barcelona are individuals at a price of EUR 25 time in my small Studio or in your home if you have your own equipment. Call me at the phone or send me a mail: Dj classes in Barcelona: A complete course formed by several Dj classes: could for example have the following content: 1 systems to puncture: in this first kind of Dj obtrendas knowledge of various systems and various tools that today in day a DJ can use and how to connect them. To turn DJing with dishes and get the first contact with the world of vinyl. 2. Synchronization of two or more themes, (Tempo). Students learn how to work with the pitch for square topics and Pierce with vinyl and CD s.

This class also looks like square topics in digital and to work with the beat grid. 3.Sincronizacion and selection of topics that combine harmonicamente. We will continue working in the synchronization of the issues as we have begun in the first class. Part of square topics by tempo also learn how to select topics which combine harmonicamente to achieve mescalas perfactas. 4 Effects I, Loops and Beatjump in this class we will look at the effects (Delay, Chorus etc.) most important pair a Dj. The digital world opens new doors to the DJ s.

We will look at how to create loops instantly, modify them, and how to create small remixes of a live topic. In addition presentare Kaos Pad a touch effects processor. 5 and 6. Structure and recording of a DJ set. Publication on Internet will apply the acquired knowledge to record a session for Dj. Ademas students will learn how to record a set in high quality and the structural factoras more important as the intro, outro, breaks and highs. At the end how to publish free of charge a log in to Dj online and share it with friends on Facebook.