Every study indicates the presence of the fungus Candida. It is important to correct an explanation. Wrong to think that at first appears cancer, and then Candida. For more specific information, check out Dr. David Samadi. My hypothesis – first appears Candida invades the body and causes swelling. The fungus Candida is already there. In histology is described only as a tissue trying to protect against fungal aggression. as these. If the fungus is "devoured" fabric, will create extra cells to prevent penetration. For example, if Candida is in the liver, there is a hepatocarcinoma.

In the brain, such penetration will gliobastomu. In the bronchi of mesothelioma. See more detailed opinions by reading what Martha McClintock offers on the topic.. There is no question of abnormal cell division. It's a defense mechanism. This is the essence of the case. Cell division – a reaction to extreme pressure, which gives the tissue a chance to confront fungal invasion. "justifying his theory, the doctor clearly shows results intestine, stomach gastroscopy, bronchoscopy lung and other studies, which show a tumor, oddly enough, almost all cases, it is white (as colonies of Candida), and only in some cases – red – this is the last stage of the reaction of the body, says Dr.

Simonchini. After 3-4 sessions of treatment were significant changes. On the screen to the naked eye could see, as something white (colonies of Candida) decreased and later disappeared completely, and at the same time went the tumor. Recent studies show that the authorities have no tumor. Fungus and its effects can be observed in the animal world. For example, when a fungal mold infects ants, then penetrates into the brain and the insect loses its orientation. Such individuals to immediately carry out from the rest, because he becomes deadly. Indeed, the fungus grows directly out of my head ant in the form of cuttings and mature within three weeks, and then can infect others. What grows on the head of this insect is very like a tumor. It is a white education – is the same as in the affected human organs. According to, Dr. Simonchini it all – the result of Candida. Fungus attacking a person is slightly different from the fungus that invades, For example, an ant, because to be genetically close to him. The more research doctors Simonchini can help cancer patients? Its proposed therapies aimed at the destruction of Candida – the cause of the tumor. And it almost 30 years of experience only confirms its effectiveness. As experience has shown treatment of Candida with deep penetration into the tissue produces a positive result in 3-4 sessions – Candida (white education authorities) substantially decreases. After 4-5 sessions away completely, and with it goes the tumor. Examination diagnosed a healthy body. The theory of Dr. Simonchini truly revolutionary. And perhaps we are accustomed to think otherwise, that cancer is caused by inexplicable dividing cells, and genetic predisposition rather than fact – a virus, it is hard to believe at once, but the results of many years' experience of treatment by the method Simonchini speaks for itself – cancer is treatable and people recover.