Classification NPB

Power cable APvVng (A)-LS with aluminum conductors, insulated with polyethylene silanolnosshitogo, PVC sheathed low fire risk. Power cable APvVng (A)-LS on 1kVNaznachenie: Power cable APvVng (A)-LS with aluminum conductors, insulated with polyethylene silanolnosshitogo, PVC sheathed low flammability Standard: TU-277 16.K71-98 Section: 10 – 50, 50 – 240 Number of cores: 4 5 Construction – power cable APvVng (A)-LS to 1kV 1. Conductor – aluminum, solid or stranded, circular or sector-shaped, 1 or Class 2 according to GOST 22483. 2. Insulation – silanolnosshitogo polyethylene.

Insulated conductors are multiconductor cables are the distinctive coloring. Isolation of null lived runs blue. 3. Stranding – insulated cables are twisted around a core bundle of PVC in cables of low flammability grade APvVng (A)-LS. ; Cables run four-and pyatizhilnymi and have all conductors with same cross section or a smaller cross-section conductor (zero). 4. Belt insulation – is superimposed over the twisted veins of melonapolnennoy unvulcanized rubber compound or PVC low fire in the cables mark APvVng (A)-LS with the filling of gaps between the strands. 5.

Sheath – PVC low fire risk. 6.Obmotka – superimposed over the waistband in the wires, insulation grade APvVng (A)-LS from Glass tape or tapes of stekloslyudosoderzhaschey overlap. Index (A) means that cable meets category A for flame retardance according to GOST R IEC 332-3-96. Application – power cable APvVng (A)-LS at 1 kV: To deliver and distribution of power in stationary installations for rated voltage of 1000 V at 50 Hz. Cables APvVng grade (A)-LS designed for multiple cable lines in cable installations in there is no danger of mechanical damage, including hazardous areas Class B IG, B-II, B-Ib, IIa-B. Class of fire danger on the BNP 248-97 APvVng cable (A)-LS – P1.7.2.2. Indicators of fire safety cables APvVng mark (A)-LS for Classification NPB 248-97: to limit the spread of burning bundle of cables – PRGP 1 to the limit of fire resistance – PPST 7 to limit corrosive products of combustion – PCA 2 on the toxicity of combustion products of polymeric materials – PTPM 2 Specifications – power cable APvVng (A)-LS at 1 kV: – Type of climatic design UHL, category 1 and 5 according to GOST 15150-69 – Operating temperature range: cable brand APvVng (A)-LS … .. from -40 C to 50 – Relative humidity at +35 C up to 98% – Laying and installation of cables APvVng (A)-LS is performed without preheating at temperatures not lower than: -15 C – Minimum bending radius during laying: 7.5 external diameters.