Conventional Medicine

Comparison of viewpoints in the allopathic treatment of allergy, as well as in naturopathy in the allergy treatment in conventional medicine is the avoidance of the allergen, say allergen avoidance in the first place. This implies that the allergenic substance is known. When a drug intolerance, the allergen avoidance is quite good to realize what is already harder designed in pollen allergy, house dust allergies or food allergies. Second, the use of drugs is to reduce the allergic symptoms. Here there are a whole range of antihistamines Meanwhile, cortisone in the form of drops, inhalation, sprays or ointments, and Mastzellstabilisatoren.

In third place, desensitization stands as the only purely symptom-related form of therapy. This injected the allergen in a low dosage in the upper arm, which should result in a tolerance to the allergen. The allergy therapy is usually about 3-5 years, can cause side effects just in the initial stages and requires that the allergen is known. Disadvantage: Increased allergy ready for new more allergies develop over the course of the duration of therapy. Cardiologist has compatible beliefs. Therefore, this form of therapy best at a few individual allergies suitable. It is recommended for allergies to insect poisons, such as WSP sting or bee sting allergies, here the success rate is 100%. Differently it behaves when performing an allergy treatment using naturopathic medicine.

“Man is considered holistically in naturopathy and so arises the question of why the body responds so differently to harmless substances which natural origin are mostly,” once again the importance of the word allergy “to respond. There are also in the field of Naturopathic cause research after the true causes of allergies, different approaches and therapies, which, however, have one thing in common: the holistic point of view. Man is not just the sum of its trillions of cells. To pack cause handle means the allergy problem as at the root”. This means that the cause the willingness of allergy in its complexity is often very individual. This individual “polluter pays” applies to identify it and to treat. It is also important to allow the body to repair the damage that is caused by often years of chronic allergies in the body. This means to resolve blockages, to strengthen the body, to compensate for energy.