Cryptogram Zana – a symbolic sign language, which allows to touch the invisible reality of the soul, a universal information accessible to all and requires no translation. Zana – artist cryptologist, author of unusual patterns, having an independent aesthetic value. tribute to your knowledge. Cryptograms are used to recover information equilibrium in its relations with human society, nature, universe, that contributes to cultural and informatsiologicheskomu progress – collateral being a multi-polar world. Cryptogram Zana is a symbolic sign language, which allows to touch the invisible reality of the soul. Cryptogram Zana – is a universal information that is available to all and requires no translation. Fancy graphics images – cryptograms Zana – were first introduced in 1999 in Yaroslavl (Russia). Between 1999 and 2008 solo exhibitions Zana were not Only in Russia (Moscow, Ivanovo, Mr. Ples, Ivanovo Oblast, Kostroma, Sochi, etc.), but also abroad (Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Canada, Lebanon, Australia, etc.

). Stop for a moment in the eternal run around, look at yourself, trust yourself, your intuition, no matter what, the hardships and troubles. Each of us – the world the unique and evolving. In the philosophy of action and a sense of time can not be dogma. Learn to be silent and think. Learn more on the subject from Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.. Be attentive to him and many challenges your mind will cease to exist.

There are no new truths, we will not open, is only a unique method for recovering information equilibrium of man with society, nature, universe. Author of the method artist cryptologist Zana, offering "The course of time." Feature of the proposed method – to determine the life metronome in cryptograms. Cryptogram Zana – a symbolic sign language, information that requires no translation, and accessible to all. Method allows us to concentrate on every second of life, feel and live her soul, to make time for his soyuznikom.Vslushaytes in itself – the time is coming!

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