De Janeiro Representation

sunday, 20 of June of 2010 On ‘ ‘ Hipostasia of simulacro’ ‘ the form of the icon protects the beginning of identity with the reality, its logical form to the empirical constatao for the Imaginary one. The icon is primary aimagem as representation of the experience – by means of these images we have a sensation of ‘ ‘ dj vu’ ‘ , potentiality that stimulates Subject to a recognition, update of the experience for Mnemsina, simulation of reminiscncia in the unit of the time. This proper way to compose the narrative, that supplies the minimum elements of the recognition to the proper form of the virtual one in what if it produces as what conserves of formal similarity with the representation most archaic of the reality is what it constitutes the journalistic speech effectively as a simulation: hipntica sphere or chamber virtual-mnemonics that allow in them to revivenciar facts which do not live deeply. It stimulates the nervous center to liberate its intensities in output by means of the significant correlatos of a similar or analogous experience. The telejornal is the new instance of the letter! But as simulacro, it inscribes its information as experience, experience of a not-lived reality! The modulation in that if it composes is so only the logical form of this representation, differentiated in its combinatrias peripcias. With its simulacros of arrangement the periodical in its speech restores as hiperrealidade, its glamour exerts a restoration, a reform of finishing in the Real to its ‘ ‘ representao’ ‘ , as similarity to its image..