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Service quality as a driver of economic success sealed the Hamburger market research Institute Dr. Garcia & Cie. certifies companies now regularly review their service quality with a service seal. This verifies the quality of service with mystery shoppers. Service seal creating economic benefits, since the use of long-term binds customers and results in an increased willingness to the recommendation.

The effect relationship between service quality and economic success of a company benefit monitoring of service quality has been already demonstrated in numerous empirical studies: A high service quality increases customer satisfaction and long-term bind customers to a company. The earning potential of a customer can be trained as a rule only in the long term and exploited. Obtaining a new customer is five to six times more expensive than taking care of existing customers. In this respect it is essential the quality of service, to keep in mind and regularly to review”, explains Dr. Gunnar Grieger, owner of Dr. Garcia & Cie.

from Hamburg. Certificate of service quality with a service seal the economic success of a company on the one hand due to a solid quality of service. Another driver is the communication of implementation and results of such service checks to customers and employees. It turned out that service and service seal the positive perception of the customers promote and result in an increased willingness of recommendation. Get more background information with materials from Jonathan Friedland. Therefore we certify our clients”the successful implementation of service tests with a services seal, Garcia continues. The MYSTERYPANEL service seal, that can be positioned for customers visible at the door of a branch and on promotional materials, provides value and confidence to be in the right company customer. In addition staff awareness steadily, to work in a company which is characterized by the idea of service is and is very good at the service for the customers in the foreground. Survey of service quality with mystery shopping mystery shopping is a cross-industry-established procedure for making quality of services. Undercover shoppers as real are”customers. They observe and document the quality of the service according to a predetermined set of criteria. Contrary to the subjective valuation-based customer satisfaction survey is the mystery shopping assessment objective and costs significantly less. Dr. Garcia & Cie. has the mystery shopping Agency and serves companies from different industries, including market research institutes without their own mystery shopper. There is more information on mystery shopping, quality of service and the MYSTERYPANEL service seal under. About Dr. Garcia & Cie. Founded in 2006, Dr. Garcia & Cie. serve clients from different industries around the topics quantitative / qualitative market research, mystery shopping and quality of service and operate the mystery shopping agency The offer also includes the conceptual services customer and employee satisfaction analyses. Dr. Gunnar Grieger