Gifts From The Village Of Large Canoes

Another of the school course of geography, we well remember the names of two of the most famous North American rivers. Of course, it's the Mississippi and Missouri. These two rivers gave the names of the two states. That's between them and settled Missouri whose name can be translated from Indian languages as "Village of large canoes." And in this kind of "village" You decided to go to their new journey. It is impossible to talk about Missouri, not to mention perhaps the most famous born in these places – Samuel Clemens and Mark Twain. And it is impossible not to visit his home in the town of Hannibal, where the house-museum of the writer. In fact, the whole historical part of town is a memorial to Mark Twain.

It hosts an annual competition to paint a fence and a one-year elected Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher. Here is the cave in which the lost characters of the book, on which Missourians strongly disagree with kentukkiytsami who try to "assign" the honor of his Mammoth Cave. It was here, in shops with charming names "Mrs. Clemens" or "Shop Auntie Polly" You easily will pick the perfect gift for Your older relatives. Vintage tray or quilt, decorated with patterns will please your family, and for a long time will remind them of your trip. Enjoy a stroll through marktvenovskim places and even visited the famous cave, you absolutely need to take care of gifts for the beautiful half of humanity.