The society of the convivncias human beings is complex and the happiness the times seems to be close and others far. The person to be happy in the life wants or she does not have that to pass for the convivncia with the others. The times seem that everything of the certain that the luck this to our side and that we wake up with much vibration. To read more click here: jonathan keane. But each person has its magnetic field and its intercessores let us say thus, and its magnetic field and its angel the people do not certainly combine the energies with the one of all. In this point that the person says that she woke up with luck and she had one day good, but it had luck of in this day alone finding people who the energies of it and the people that found in that day if pleased, would be the luck as explanation something not very understood. the times the person says that it had one day pssimo but in this day it only found people who the energies were not agreed. Official site: Daryl Katz, New York City. The conscience that we must have is that the convivncia cannot be taken in main rule for an evaluation of as we are living and as it is our life, this method is basic but we must feel more exterior energies and not to be blindly in this parameter, because the luck the times can be bad.