Marketing Practices

Every day we learn new opinions about marketing practices, called "word of mouth." His point of view on this issue I describe on the basis of experience in small company as director of marketing and advertising. My experience has convinced me that a well tuned "word of mouth" is so important to the success of the company, especially a small company, it should be the foundation of your business. Let me explain why. Analyst firm "Forrester Research" cites in his study of the following statement by the consumer: "On the Internet I can find confirmation of everything I hear, read, or learn about anything on TV and radio, in magazines and newspapers." Today The Internet has a clear impact on consumer choice of sources of objective information, how to find and purchase a wide range of goods and services, as well as real exchange experiences with other users before and after purchase. Unfortunately, consumer confidence is easy to lose. He is skeptical of traditional advertising practices, and traditional marketing. Remember how many low-grade information, we can see in the news – and you understand the reason for suspicion at our potential customers. And then it comes to the aid of "word of mouth." As consumers, we can not believe your commercials or other forms of advertising that you are practicing, but we believe what they say about your products and services by others. According to a recent global online survey of consumer Nielsen, 90% of those surveyed 25,000 Internet users believe the recommendations of their friends, and not less than 70% say they trust the reviews of anonymous users on the Web.