Myth Four

When using floor heating, the picture is quite different, the warm air coming from the floor, gradually rising up, and the head will be in fresh oxygenated space. In this case, the floor is warmer by 2-3 C air. Space heating may be different as an additional and substantive. The main heating system, as the rules are set in private homes, cottages, manors. Where there is no way to central heating, but also in apartments, not seldom people choose to warm the floor as the main heating system, relying on the opportunity to heat the room regardless of the season and the regular circulation of heat exchange. Myth Four: The bill for electricity. This myth, I do not get dispel, but I'm not going to do that. Here's why: In our life, so many things that bring us pleasure, as is well known for the pleasure you have to pay.

But not all of these things have concrete benefits for us, because Plasma tv 42-inch with a home theater system, can not add your health, but buying it, you first of all, think about how it will look a picture, what is the frequency of sound and of course the pleasure of watching your favorite series or a decisive football match. Likewise, a warm floor is a lot of advantages, not only in the section of pleasure, but also against your health. Firstly, the room where you installed underfloor is no draft, and secondly, the dust barely rises to – Thirdly, there is a uniform heating of the floor over the entire area in – Fourth, the hidden system heating without cumbersome structures, – Fifth, the ease in handling, and the most comfort. And this is not all advantages. So I think our only negative, is transformed into a significant plus, though the operation heating cables in an average of 25 to 50 years, and during that time the cable just pay off in full. Myth Five: Carpet This issue is very relevant and do not always understand the answer, let's try to understand. Let's start with physics, namely, stop the lesson "heat." "Thermal conductivity" refers to a quantitative assessment of the ability of a given substance to conduct heat. Each material has its own coefficient thermal conductivity, and lower it, the better thermal conductivity.

Most optimal materials that give heat, are ceramic tile, linoleum, good quality does not release harmful substances when heated. But no one forbids you to put a warm floor under carpet, hardwood floors, cork or laminitis, but here are some points to consider, namely, all these materials have low thermal conductivity and the heat, which must heat the room they have been delayed. This requires raising the temperature of heating, which reduces not only the life of the cable, but can lead to overheating or even damage the system. And as far observed increase in energy costs. Having considered the most important issues that arise when choosing a warm floor, you can now specify in more detail with the purchase, spreading all the priorities, the pros and cons of this product. Company Wirt will always help you to answer any remaining questions will help you in finding the product you need into the size, characteristics and purpose. Take care of your health.