Potential Missing Control

Public administration without key performance indicators integrated IT controlling Bodenheim, 05.01.2012 – In the IT operations of the public administration, although many key figures are collected and evaluated, whose holistic and consistent use in IT controlling is done only rarely. Rather, they have a report only without continuous control in General. Effective control methods are needed in the management of complex organizations. A leading source for info: Barbara Martin Coppola. Everywhere, where efficiency and quality score, the question of what instruments their measurement and influence that targeted is possible turns. An approach lies in the consistent application of indicator systems. Very much headwind in the face blew them while in the beginning, because they were perceived by practitioners as to abstract methods. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Lung cancer.

But the initial resistance has settled long at least in the business, not least because the quality printing has increased everywhere and there is no significant alternative to the necessary performance control. Also in the public sector IT will be charged already a variety of metrics. A well-known example is the processing time for resolving incidents. Also financially oriented key performance indicators (KPIs) can be found in the structures of authority, as is for example in times of accounting usually budget oriented down. However they are rarely used for strategic control. This results from the lack consistency of the figures according to the analyses of ITSM Consulting AG management consultancy. Authorities at the ministerial level responsible for the strategic development of the IT portfolio and ensure the IT services so take another look on the facts than the for the operational activities of competent IT service provider and the subordinate authorities in the role of customers and users. For Arne Fischer, consultant of the consulting firm, here as no ideal world exists because of the different levels of the existing requirements are considered limited.” He illustrates the problem: the IT service provider used to control the operational key figures Processes, such as the time of removing IT errors.