Produce Drinking Water

As a source for the production of bottled drinking water is used most often artesian wells. After extraction from the depth of the water goes through several levels of cleaning. Originally produced water treatment from suspended particles and coarse impurities. Then conducted a multistage water purification from organic contaminants, unpleasant taste, odor. Having been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected water is optional. Storage of drinking water is in storage tanks, where it enters the filling line.

The water then automatically filled into clean bottles, they are labeled – and final stage – delivery of water in your office or home. Delivery water in the office and at home involves, in addition to worries about the health of relatives and staff, best customer. Convenience is, first of all, in a simple order form and payment. Pay your order for delivery of water at any form – cash or cashless. According the time of delivery of water in the office or home, choose your form of payment, which is most convenient to you. The simplest form of payment for water delivery is to pay cash carried out at the time of your order. Company to deliver water to the office an additional offer to lease or buy a cooler. What is it? Cooler, also known as water dispenser, intended for bottling drinking water and may have a number of additional functions – heating, cooling, aerating the water. Coolers may be desk and floor – you can choose the most suitable option for accommodation at the office or at home.