Proved Medicine

Was first made popular, and Russia use walnut infused with paraffin (Todikamp) in the field of oncology in medicine and mp using the technique. In the future such a drug was clinically tested on animals and humans. Named his one year old. " Proved that the excess of the dose of 100 times of treatment in monkeys did not give any side effects, and the pregnant females give birth to an even more viable offspring. Todikamp made on a special free of paraffin wax is allowed official medicine for use as additional collateral for the treatment of oncology and a number of other diseases or alternative treatment, when the methods of conventional medicine is not acceptable, or when the patient does not agree with them. In recent years this todikamp started making way into official medicine.

In America, a similar drug, but with vodka for the treatment of cancer and other diseases suggested that physician H. Clark. But the basis for it is taken not walnut, and black, which is widely distributed in America. Black walnut – this is the closest relative of walnut. The fruits of black walnut is much larger, have more powerful fleshy outer pericarp and harder shell. It is this hull and is valuable in black walnut by the fact that the concentration of yuglonov, polyphenols and volatile medical substances in it many times more than the walnut. It is known that alcohol as a solvent mainly polyphenolic extracts and fractions from the pericarp yuglonovye.

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