Psychic Balance

Halbe (1993), guides for the health team that must you making the recognition and having the understanding of the psychological alterations of the patient with breast cancer and to allow the consideration most adequate of this patient, allowing the indication the support service so that it can return the psychic balance modified by the situation from the illness. Therefore the health professional that she deals with the carrying patient of breast cancer must is intent on that the adaptation to the cancer depends on innumerable factors. Segunso Halbe (1993), these are the factors as: who is the patient while person; its attitude front the life; as they react front the antecedent life educational; age; social status; psychological 0 variable; capacity to express frustrations, losses and difficulty; as to face crisis moment; that resources possess the level of familiar support; internal maturity and the integration degree; that belief has in general on the cancer or illnesses others. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. These data can be significant and facilitadores for the understanding for the treatment of the patient with breast cancer. More than what never the health team must act with many pacincias, understanding, respect, sensitivity, common-sense, tolerances and attention, searching to understand the suffering of the patient, placing if in its place. Potter; perry (2004), describes in its literature that the surgery is psychologically estressante. The customer can be anxious regarding the surgery and its implications (…) to understand the impact of the surgery on the emotional health of the customer. The nurse must evaluate the feeling of the customer in relation to the surgery, auto – concept adaptation refusal, asking if the members of the family or friend can supply support. It is vital the detailed quarrel and the demonstration of the postoperative exercises (…). The nurse must you evaluating the rich one of the customer for the respiratory complications after operatrias (…).