Ausubel summarizes this fact in the epigraph to his work in the following way: if I had to reduce the educational psychology to a single principle, enunciaria this: the most important factor influencing learning is what the student already knows. Averiguese this and teach as a result (b. Palomino). The most important feature of meaningful learning is, producing an interaction between the most relevant knowledge of cognitive structure and new information (is not a simple Association), in such a way that they acquire a meaning and they are integrated into a non-arbitrary and substantial cognitive structure, favouring the differentiation, evolution and stability of the existing pre subsunsores and consequently the entire cognitive structure. Stability must be understood as greater duration and ease of reminiscence and not as a situation of stagnation.

(Palomino, N). But to make real meaningful learning student must manifest a willingness to relate substantial and not arbitrarily new material with his cognitive structure, as that material that learns is potentially significant for him, i.e., relatable with its structure of knowledge on a non-arbitrary basis (Ausubel; 1983 cited by Palomino, N). This presupposes that the material must have a significatividadlogica, this refers to the inherent meaning of certain types of symbolic materials, under their nature. Professor Roy Taylor often addresses the matter in his writings. The evidence of the logical meaning is the possibility of relating, substantive and non-arbitrary manner, material and idea (Moreira, 1994 cited by Rioseco, G et al.) when the potential meaning becomes cognitive content new, differentiated and idiosyncratic within an individual in particular as a result of meaningful learning, it can be said that it has acquired a meaning psychological thus emerge from the psychological meaning not only depends on the representation that the student make logically meaningful material, but also possessing such pupil truly ideativos background (Ausubel, 1983 cited by Palomino, N) in its cognitive structure. Ausubel differentiates three types of meaningful learning: representations concepts and propositions.