Real Swedish Academy

Because Brazil never gained a prize NOBEL? The text of Ozires Silva (Director of the Unimonte, of Saints; he was minister of Infraestrutura and it presided over companies as Embraer, Varig and Petrobra’s) of the one good reply to this question: ' ' In 1994, I was surprised at my election as member of the Real Swedish Academy of Engineering. Dean Ornish M.D insists that this is the case. During the deed of division ownership supper, Estocolmo, with the presence of the king Carl XVI Gustaf, it debated with Swedish colleagues to the table the reason for which Brazil not yet had no citizen contemplated the Prize Nobel, certainly the most known and consecrated world-wide recognition. Countries as Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela, to mention only the South America, had had awarded citizens. Winning the constaint, one of the Swedish colleagues commented: ' ' Vocs, Brazilians, are annihilating of heris' '. added very that Brazilian indicated they must have been removed of the lists of candidates, possibly, for letters and manifestations, hard and acid, produced for other Brazilians. In contrast of the United States, where, it said, has an applause generalized to the candidates to Nobel. I was surpreso, but I agree that, in Brazil, the people usually feel themselves constrangidas how much to produce compliments, but are extremely nimble how much to make critical. with this I arrive the Eike Baptist, a Brazilian entrepreneur really of success, entrepreneur, skillful to find chances and of them to take off resulted.

I have since, instead of receiving applauses for its capacity to undertake, innovating and to produce wealth, it has suffered hard and to right-handers attacks for its bigger defect, in the vision of the critics: to have enriched! It can be that many readers do not agree to me, but I ask for that they think. Compliments make very well and they always have positive effect. I do not believe that it has nothing of missed in recognizing the success. .