Scary Bull Plant

Where farmers buried money and how to get them back? Currently in the cis countries has increased interest in obtaining the energy and bio-fertilizers by agricultural waste. Contribute to this high the cost of energy and fertilizers, as well as the deteriorating state of the environment. However, due to low awareness among farmers on practical ways of biogas technology, as well as relatively high initial cost, the total number of biogas plants in the cis countries does not exceed a few hundred. At the same time, properly designed and well functioning biogas plant brings many advantages it owner, society and environment as a whole! 1. Saving money: saves money previously spent on fuel and electricity; saves money spent on the purchase of fertilizers and herbicides. 2. The possibility of obtaining additional income: You can sell biogas and fertilizer; you get additional money for improving yields of crops cultivated by the use of biofertilizers; 3. Fast return units: A biogas plant with heating raw materials, any power, paying off about a year operation; reduced risk of respiratory and eye diseases by cleaning the air by reducing volumes of organic waste in their places of storage; improving the epidemiological situation as a result of the death of the microorganisms contained in the waste; improving health by obtaining an environmentally agricultural products using organic fertilizers. 4. Save time, space and women's work: saves time by using bio-fertilizers, spent weeding, introduced with the usual manure, as their seeds are killed in the process of fermentation in the reactor biogas plant.