Somewhat Boring

Friday 30 of July of the current year. Jaime Bayly began his television program the franc shooter half an hour late, because this problem of delay in the programming of the channel 2 slithered from the transmission of the volley that was before nine o’clock in the evening. (Jaime program supposedly had to start at 11 o’clock) In this program Jaime was very discouraged. As already boring program I would say, and repeated the photo video of him with the mother of his daughters, and daughters, that would show a few days ago. He said his daughter less Paola or Paoli, as he says asked him to repeat it because he could not see it.

This photo video we could also recall how Jaime mentions the mother of his daughters made him believe that he could be a writer. Spent their honeymoon in Paris. Shows photos of his eldest daughter when it was Camila name and also his youngest daughter, creature creature equally. Jaime speaks to her daughter on television as if he didn’t see it long ago. I don’t know, but it makes me that Jaime here in Lima, but is not living with Sandra and her daughters. Or maybe, as he wrote in his column for the day Monday in the newspaper Peru 21 is living only on the second floor of his house, and on the first floor Sandra live with their daughters, and would be juntos, pero no revueltos, without having greater communication. Jaime asks: is this really the last message to the nation by Alan?, or will return the 2016? It shows a video of the year 1989 where Alan in his message to the nation, said that it was his last message. Now it shows less arrogant than that time.

After also, saying that it would be impartial in that presidential election upcoming in those days, he campaigned against Vargas Llosa, and supported Fujimori Jaime reminds us. Jaime is showing every day of the week in its program, a personal appearance serene, quiet, and I would say rather, tired, listless and not. But knowing it as We know it, it would seem that it is making an effort to show that way. Or will it be bored of his program? Or is it that it is true what they say doctors in your health? It would be good that some journalist Magaly Jackal type sought doctors who attended to Jaime, to ask them if what they are telling is true. That that have given him little time to live unless a liver transplant is done.