Stone Guest

Of course, Eugene was an expert in many things. In this case, nature was French, the Castilian speaking with an accent that I did not recognize, but which had its effect. Telling the half truth, if is that I had said, he appeared as an expert winemaker in Bordeaux wine firm named in a very natural and the owner should not sound bad, or so he implied. In a quick chat between "connasseurs", which I did not understand much, talked about different types of grapes, French, Spanish, hybrid, those of the same hamlet, … Armando until he was convinced, too quickly, in my opinion, that was worth listening to that little French.

I could not tell if they really understood Eugene wine, grapes, aromas, bouquet, or is that Armando was guided by the accent she used. Eugene then told me that Armando did not know much, because I naturally put more silly that he did not detect and accepted as the Bible. He too was surprised at the youth and good looks in a doctoral candidate. Or rather had a significant weight to that factor. Of the figure, not the Ph.D., judging by the looks of recognition that such Armando headed. "I acted involuntarily and upset by it," the Stone Guest. Even I was introduced (say, Armando took me by another Frenchman, prevented such an extent by the insurmountable difficulty of the language to even insert a word could not say anything in Castilian, and therefore did not speak, could assume).