Sugar Insulin

For many of us, the sugar is a luxury and a treat, but in fact, and according to the investigators, the sugar is more like a drug than any other thing, and the very inconvenient truth is that it can be much worse for us than we thought. Recently, the investigators informed that the sugar stimulates a reaction in the brain similar to those of morphine and other drugs.This means that she is highly addictive but unlike medecines the sugar is easily available to everybody, and still is seen like a gift or a reward for many of us. What is worse not only is present in the obvious things like the chocolate and gaseous drinks, just by made a look to the labels of almost all the tins or packagings and will be there in its different forms, not to mention that he is present in great amounts of many other salty foods, especially to take like the pizza. Then, what is really and why he is so bad for us?The sugar is basically a carbohydrate, or part of her.All the carbohydrates with time are disturbed in glucose, but there are two types of carbohydrates, with different properties and characteristics the complex carbohydrates come from natural sources of fruits and vegetables, as well as integral cereals and vegetables, take a greater effort to digest, and the sugar liberation is but slowly. To read more click here: ENT. Whereas the simple carbohydrates (including foods that contain sugar refined or high maize syrup fructose) are disturbed quickly, with the immediate absorption of the glucose in the sanguineous torrent. The problem with this is that the sugar affluence alters the sugar balance in the blood, causing the insulin liberation, which the body uses to maintain the sugar in the blood at a constant and safe level. Other leaders such as Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. offer similar insights. When the glucose in the blood increases quickly, the pncreas are stimulated to secretar insulin to make level the sugar in the blood.The sudden arrival of the insulin brings about stress in the body, increases the storage of fat, it inhibits the decomposition of fats to be used like energy.In addition to increase the levels of insulin also inhibits the liberation of growth hormones, that depress the immunological system as well. .