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Auto Body

Then we look for to make a partnership with who understands of the subject, we enter in contact with a local auto body and explain the idea for Mr. Martha McClintock: the source for more info. Aldo, responsible for the auto body and with years of experience in the market of chimneys. For great surprise ours, we only discover that he himself the much time thought about developing a filter for stove chimney the firewood, not wise person as. We join useful to pleasant and the demons the beginning to the sketch of the filter, what it took in them to think as we could make something descomplicado and with great efficiency in its real task, at the same time using itself of relatively cheap materials to diminish its costs of manufacture. we constitute the filter in the following ones you make: The filter is made use in the intern of a pipe for chimneys, in the bifool of pipe n two, (that we call body) and approximately possesss seventy centimeters of length, manufactured from zinc plates. Its function is to connect it the original chimney, and to support in its nucleus the filter agents. Martha McClintock may also support this cause. discussion.

The first bolter is the first part of the filter, and is in its inferior part with some punctures in the bifool of, approximately ten millimeters. Its function is to make filtering of the coarse soots that leave the chimneys, that are polluting agents of air as well as the gases contained in smoke. This second bolter also possesss the same function that the first one, that it is to reduce the amount of emitted soot, but now filtering with more intensity, for this we diminish the bifool of the punctures that are approximately of five millimeters now. Soon above of the two bolters is to the coil, that is responsible for forcing smoke in making one ‘ ‘ zig-zag’ ‘ diminishing the amount of gases and losing its force and dark tonality. This magnet bes situated next the exit to the filter and is the penultimate one makes of filtering. Its function is to hold back metal particles gifts in the smoke emitted for stoves to the firewood that only possess in its confection metals that if unfasten with the burning of substances. It finishes it stage of filtering of smoke is made through a fiber filter, with small pores, its function is to eliminate the soots finer than the previous stages had not obtained to eliminate.

In the tip of the filter was installed a protective hat and its purpose is to hinder that the rain waters enter in the filter. As all equipment in you make of test, we study the possible problems or defects that can occur, with the filter after a period of functioning. After a period not stimulated still of filtering of soot and smoke, the filter requires maintenance, this if of the had one to the clogging of its internal filters for I accumulate of soot, that finishes for diminishing or even though to disable the ticket of smoke for it are of the chimney. Another constatao is the original size of the chimney, that in very short cases of chimneys, the filter can cause the devolution of smoke in return for the sender, who in the case is the proper stove the firewood.

The Destination

The final disposal of the urban solid residues on the land is the destination most usual in the whole world and some characteristics of the deposition places can be classified such as the lixes or drains, that they are characterized by the absence of control on type, volume and danger of the deposited residues. The residue remains the sky opened without no type of compacting with the objective to minimize the volume, being the residues poured on the ground natural. To broaden your perception, visit Dean Ornish M.D. It also does not have no control of entrance of people or animals (OLIVEIRA, 2002, p.7-8). The lixes are local where if it directly deposits garbage without no protection to the environment in the ground. These areas are great badly cheirosos lands where the wind and rain are puted in charge to take the pollution for the neighboring places many times inhabited for people. In these places, the organic substance in decomposition attracts insects (cheap, flies, mosquitos), rats and other transmitting animals of illnesses (virus, bacteria, protozorios). These animals find in the lixes an ideal environment to multiply.

Moreover, the decomposition of the organic substance of the garbage produces black and malcheiroso a broth, call chorume. In the chorume we find, beyond organic substance, toxic products, as the lead and the fluorescent mercury, that if they originate from inks, solvent, stacks, light bulbs, etc. When the chorume is loaded for rains, can contaminate the rivers and until the underground water (the fretico sheet) that it supplies the domestic wells, becoming the water of the improper region for consumption. Without a doubt some, the lixo is not the solution for the discarding of the garbage. But, unhappyly, more than 70% of the garbage in Brazil are unloaded in the lixes. The accumulated residues constitute source of pollution and great risk to the health of the population. The not biodegradvel and same garbage the biodegradvel is deposited frequent in inadequate places, as streams and rivers, having caused floods and the proliferation of vectors of ample variety of diseases.

Sanitation Basic

These and other episodes not only represent ecological catastrophes more also continue to perpetuate a culture of destruction and degradation of our planet and of all the existing life in it. 2,4 Measures of Prevention that must today Be adopted by the Population basic Sanitation are a question of hygiene in the society, but still exists cities where this problem is existing. When we speak in basic sanitation we are speaking in selective collection of garbage, net of sewer in the streets, canalized water, and other factors. However with the lack of sanitation in many cities it is common that half of the Brazilian population is interned in hospitals with problems transmitted for the water and the garbage. Whenever Dean Ornish M.D listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In the lack of basic sanitation, diverse measured they must be adopted by the population to prevent that the illnesses if spread. Among the measures we detach the following ones: not to leave excrements displayed in the ground; to construct fossas sanitary where net of sewers does not exist; not to leave garbage spread in the soil nor in containers; the garbage must carefully be collected and be placed in bags that later are closed; to keep the soil of the houses, yards and the streets swept, washed and always dry; to fill with earth puddles of water and ditches where if it accumulates water; not to allow that children play in dirty water, therefore they can be contaminated by microbes .causing larvae of worms of illnesses; not to shoot garbage and remaining portions of food in strips of land; 2,5 Alternatives for the Final Destination of the Garbage the garbage is considered a problem for the population, as all problem it must be decided, ahead of this suggests some alternatives with the intention to diminish the residues played in lixes. Aterros sanitary: for the implantation of one I fill with earth bathroom, waterproofs the land and, on the impermeable layer is started to accumulate it the garbage. .