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If you're hopelessly in love and 'Object' from you as far as ' Star', do not despair. Read my stories and funny stories, memorized this 'instruction' and then 'dream' can become 'reality'. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Professor Roy Taylor. If you fall in love with a girl and she is not responsible to you in return, and your shape and appearance did not cause her obvious delight, you is still one more chance to reverse the situation and make the location of your object. To do this you need to act not on its 'Visual-Eyes' bodies, and the 'Cluhovye' receptors. If, after the wise use of citations and complex scientific terms like ' turbulence' the result still does not, try this: Find a collection of poems unknown author, select one of them and burn it onto a piece of paper. Having given his "own" let it not obsessively read.

Do not forget to emphasize the important places in your opinion. For example, the phrase: 'I love you' underline once. Complex phrase like: 'Be mine and I'll give you the whole world, moon and stars ' Be mine – underline one or two times (the rest can not emphasize). I would especially like to note that excessive focus object the phrase 'Be mine' with a multiple-underlined three times or more, may only alienate your customer so I advise (as Officer) – no more than four, well five times (it's like someone wants to put up or can not) After that, there may be only two choices: throw the neck, zatseluet to death, you immediately get married and have kids go.

Emotional Health

In the hectic worries and troubles all of us have to combine family and work, parents, friends, every now and then solving any problems. And so to unwind and relax, neither the strength nor the time often have no choice but inevitably causes accumulation of negative emotions and cause many different problems. In order to strengthen our mental state, experienced psychologists often recommend to joke and laugh. Sovreshenno obvious that simply because, at the request of laughter of itself does not 'squeeze out', especially when getting involved in trouble or conflict. And because that is not too often in such conflicts fall, we suggest you: Remember to watch comedy peperdachi (as you long loved, and something new) – 'Comedy Club', 'Thank God you came', 'Evening quarter' kvn 'Laughter without rules', calling for a joint session of laughter of friends. Very often in such a joint session, many people do not only laugh at a joke, but still, feeling 'at ease' own jokes – jokes and aphorisms are born right before our eyes! In general, in a friendly company always cheerful! Often joke on himself and others, but, of course, do it with kindness, without sarcasm. You can also poke fun at the different habits of friends, acquaintances and colleagues, just do it gently and strive to anyone it does not hurt.

Regularly visit the web resources with anecdotes, jokes, gags, funny pictures and all sorts of humor. The best advise from the found to share with your friends, colleagues and friends, and finding themselves in the company of loved ones, be sure to surprise all very new and aphorism Tell a couple of fun anecdotes. Do not forget about the funny stories of life in which you or your friends visited. Such stories certainly all cheer to cause joy and raise all mood. In the event that you are more prone to the drawings, it is recommended that you also see the funny pictures, (most humorous resources such images are present in abundance!), Which can then be send an email to your friends and family. If your buddies a good sense of humor, they will certainly appreciate such a surprise and verotyano send you something in return – because everyone nice to get surprises, especially when it comes from a friend or loved one. Periodically try their talents in a matter of interest to you areas, find for itself a new exciting hobby, and to develop and bring interesting aspects of an already existing entrainment. It is no secret that intriguing and unknown certainly adds to your life fun and positive emotions. Always raduyte and entertain friends, because, giving pleasure to people, we will return we get from them fun and laughter, multiplying many times!