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New Partnership In The Frankfurt Sky Agency

Armando Testa and + accordingly cooperate Frankfurt, November 2008 decision to take this step to enter into a partnership, not hard: it since months of love at first sight spoken. Rather random to start working on a budget group automobiles Germany have Fiat closer met and immediately found that both the teams and the management work after the same principles and even very similar visions traced the two agencies. Communicated target to enable a comprehensive advisory services and support to customers is equal in the first place for a long time. Same value concept and the approach to the implementation of new campaigns, jointly created creative concepts, complete the exceptional cooperation. The past has taught that it is no longer enough to continue an offline scheduled campaign online, or to implement. Hand in hand will be in addition to classic, covers also the multimedia, digital channels. For the first time, we have the sense to work with a classic ad agency on equal footing. We are involved from the outset and can thus ensure designed meaningful campaigns that work online without any problems.

Only this ensures that an idea across all channels of some of the different audiences perceived is., says Andreas Stork, co-owner of + mutatis mutandis. Regardless of that both agencies have already become an own image onto the market, is now working on common strategies. A first step will be approaching also spatially. Of course, this is done in accordance with the concept of the Palazzo della Communicazione, namely a building that brings together different communication experts under one roof, have already been implemented in Italy. But the two agencies is not only about business.

Be especially commended also the team behind it: of course both agencies benefit from the know-how of the other, but us was it enormously important that also the collaboration of the teams work. A customer can feel also the internal vibrations. These are for our common projects without exception positive., underlined Laura Geisler, with owner of + mutatis mutandis. And this connection always seems reasonable: the boundary blurs between online and offline continues, integrated communication is more in demand than ever. Those who today opt for a strategic and optimal customized concept across all communication channels, is well advised, is such a team like Armando Testa and + mutatis mutandis to secure. About + mutatis mutandis what began in 2003 as a Start-Up, has within a few years as a valued player in the digital world market established itself. Whether B2B or B2C, at + not simply produce accordingly – here is advise heart, created and realized. The Agency is composed of a synergistic team, which opens up for companies within the digital media, new marketing and distribution channels. Innovation, perfection and tailor-made solutions are only some disciplines that characterize the company.