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Communications Division

With this solution to the purification of the Jenoptik sharpens its profile as a provider of technologies for the reduction of industrial emissions. Jenoptik had introduced the system KATASORB M on the market in 2012, due to its flexibility, which makes accessible highly efficient catalytic combustion for new areas of application. Presented at the K, the leading trade fair for plastics and rubber industries, had Jenoptik also the product range of the laser material processing, including the series of JENOPTIK-VOTAN W for laser welding, the disk laser JenLas disk IR70E, as well as a fiber-coupled diode laser module. You can find pictures to download in our image database at Laer & material processing / exhaust air purification systems. Jenoptik’s lasers & material processing Jenoptik Division counts with the Division lasers & material processing to the leading providers of laser technology and offers products and solutions along the entire value chain of laser material processing by de component to the complete laser system. In the area of laser, the company has specializes in high-quality Semiconductor Laser, reliable diode laser modules and systems, as well as innovative solid state laser like disc and fiber laser.

With this product portfolio is the ideal partner for the entire pulse widths range from cw to fs Jenoptik. The high-performance diode lasers is the company of globally recognized quality leader. In the field of laser systems develops and manufactures Jenoptik laser machines, which are integrated in the course of process optimization and automation in production lines of customers. These are the processing of plastics, metals and glass in connection with the processing of thin films. While the laser systems allow you manipulate the Jenoptik with utmost efficiency, precision and process reliability. In addition, customers in the Applikationseinrichtungen can test various laser sources and machinery and to find the optimum solution for your application. The product portfolio is rounded off by energy-efficient and environmentally friendly exhaust air purification systems for residue-free removal of pollutants, which arise in the laser processing and other industrial processes. Contact Nadine Kestner marketing & Communications Division lasers & material processing telephone: + 49 3641 65-4331 Fax:-4011 E-Mail: lm

Rhine Fireworks

Combining empirical research and technology development, a strategic technology expertise in the field has been with the Heliosity concept light built in the LightFusionLab implemented of the Fraunhofer IAO and thus achieved a unique position in this area. The third place was awarded twice: Janina Baker and Matthias Peissner for the ergonomic and intuitive design of a user interface awarded, representing at the same time a uniform solution for the entire process chain of filling and packaging equipment of KHS GmbH. The human machine interface (HMI) also has already received the speech design dot best of the best for highest design quality, as well as the iF communication design award 2011 The jury was out, that the developed method the aspects of the user experience successfully implemented in the industrial environment. This shows that the design of the user interface could contribute significantly to the unique feature of a product. Dr. Heiko Ross nail and Jan Zibuschka were awarded for their research on the integration of mobile services for the support of major events. The scientists have developed a concept and implemented, that the increasing spread of Internet-enabled smartphones taking advantage of.

As an example of the Rhine Fireworks”Kolner Lichter, as well as for Bundesliga games of the 1st FC Cologne the project team has designed numerous mobile services, realized and tested, which can enhance the event experience and be helpful in critical situations. The central component of the concept is a service platform that allows a simple composition of value added, basic and emergency services. In addition to these award-winning research, the other six projects reflect both the diverse Range of activities of the Institute as the high practical relevance of the research at the Fraunhofer IAO reflected: CE-coach is a learning application for CE marking of machinery and equipment; It supports manufacturers in implementing the new machinery directive and basics regarding organization, liability, conversion and control. The ILO scientists have developed an interaction concept in the project”SAFE RIDER for motorcycle assistance systems on basis of new interaction elements, which have been tested in the laboratory, in the motorbike Simulator, as well as on the road. The topic master data management represents the basis for efficient business processes; the Fraunhofer IAO has developed a completely new approach in this area and thus newly entered the market of master data management. The development City Explorer offers airplane passengers the opportunity to meet their goal via a mobile service platform during the trip.

A novelty in the relatively young field of business model research is the development of moby Methodology for business agility dar. The methodology aims to increase the dynamics of service-based business processes in accordance with the business model by means of a methodical approach. The Fraunhofer IAO with one has in the area of language interaction quality offensive the acceptance and usability of voice applications in Germany on the basis of numerous research publications and standardization activities substantially promoted. For more information about the excellent and submitted research are on the Internet pages of the Fraunhofer IAO or available on request. Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO