The Force

Mechanisms have the engine running and if you stop a moment in your lives and you look at something else to you, you will see the signs, you shall hear the heartbeat and pulse of what will happen, only hear with your heart and your reward will be given. GAIA lives. Now more than ever, their energies suben level and you with it. Preventive Medicine Research Institute addresses the importance of the matter here. Cleaning has begun, those who have passed and returned to the wellhead, will quickly come back to make the leap and everything will be reborn, a new Earth, more light, bigger, with greater energy, only looking at yours around! How many ill-fated beauty, but now you’re in when you collect it and the fruits fall and you can catch them because they are light, pure energy. The force of nature shake the human race, to reveal to injustices, will hit with force, but will allow to survive all those wishing to do so. Follow the steps and acompanareis it, shall go forth the darkness, not with a candle, but with a beam so powerful that neither imagine. Enjoy the light, of the leap process, live the now because demostrareis worthy.

Greetings to those who have chosen light and its path is underway because of them will be the future, they will be tomorrow. Today they already enjoy without knowing of his gifts and blessings. Eron 2. The battle of light. No light is trying to press you to dominate you and prevent that you continue forward and you evolve. Attempts to cajole you with pearls of material things so easy it is to obtain but more easy it is to lose and is there where acts. They tell how you can act to achieve the things that you anhelais, but when you have them or you are near, removes the os so that you may enter so low it will be difficult to raise in vibration, you sinks into a deep pit of despair and desolation to control you that think not to do, he gives you bread and removes it, again so I give so that you remember it and you continue working for her and dominate you unknowinglyI find ideal materials that do not stop reaching its way.