The True Being Of The Soul. Spiritual Guide In Two Volumes

New esoteric books have been published. “Author Beate Holbach content: in part 1, the true being of the soul” spiritual manual elemental energy part 1, describes the spiritual champion Beate Holbach by 31 Amazon image of the love that is inherent in the true being of the soul. She teaches as man in this love be ready is the truth to think, which leads him to accept also his neighbor and love, as he is. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. does not necessarily agree. To be detached from the idea, as he has. This way would be gone from every self.

In part 2 – the true being of the soul”spiritual manual explanation with image maps are part 2, finding the explanations, which open the way to the people for the areas of knowledge that are present in his soul. You give detailed background information on the book 1. The 31 image maps of the Amazons, who are also included in this volume, open your heart for the wealth and the wealth of the beauty of the created, is own of every soul. Bring joy and color to the Hearts of those who are willing to love. Two new books will be presented in March at the Leipzig book fair in 2013, at the booth of Publisher core, Hall 4, booth 301-401 (GAB) Stock Exchange Association of the book trade. “