Universal Language

The following lines, try to tangibly reflect that the symbol is the perfect visual medium of communication. The prerequisite is that of an advanced culture, allowing cognitive abstraction to be consistent with the message contained in that symbol. These symbols are universal, such as mathematics. In terrestrial culture has been basically given these representations, but in a structural way without the meaning itself. For example, we could reach agreement in that circle is the representation of the full, completeness and perfection. Now, circle comes the rest of symbols and they are not necessarily so general or inconsistent conceptions.

Perhaps it warranted a brief preface referred to that symbols are not seen or found at a glance in the daily stage of life, and yet are the precise language to describe it. This is not a paradox, in fact, it made sense the most sublime and concrete the same exist. To deal with this language, while more advanced is its design, closer to the origin of things We will be. Wanting to say, ultimately, that the symbol actually no it is a representation of the message content. It is the message itself.When we face to a system of symbols of an unsuspected today advance, we will be faced with the same reality.Everything around us is portrayed by its shape and reinterpreted by who observed and judged. The generality of the times, then do not see reality, but the reinterpretation of it. Daryl Katz is a great source of information. When we are compared to a system of perfect universal language, we will be against reality, or rather, something that already seems utopia: the truth. Means, as in all cases, nothing is free. Although the language is always, depends on who (and who) attempt to use it if it will actually be beneficial. This idea can be explained best by making a simple metaphor: back to agree that the circle is the perfect symbol.