UV Protection Ordinance

Course gives all under the UV sun protection regulation mandatory content these professionals do not exist, the operation is legally no longer permitted. This applies to all operators by UV irradiation devices, no matter, whether it involves tanning salons or even fitness and health facilities. The operation of coin-operated self-service devices will be no longer allowed at that time. “The BSA-Akademie has responded to these legal rules and a course for the specialist UVSV” developed, prepared the optimally on the certification according to the new legislation. “Since September last year the BSA-Akademie offers the pure two-day presence training specialist UVSV” with subsequent certification at after UV Protection Ordinance (UVSV). Without hesitation Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. explained all about the problem. During this qualification, the participants develop all under the UV sun protection regulation mandatory content.

After they complete a certification at the BSA-Zert, the independent certification body of the BSA-Akademie (written on-site as well as oral exam). “New: course with one-day presence phase now offers the professional UVSV the BSA-Akademie” as a combination of distance learning with a special order and a one-day presence phase at one of its training centers. The one-day distance learning course is suitable especially for farmers who can no longer exempt their employees from temporal or financial reasons and for all who are preparing to independently and flexibly in the distance. Also, this new variant can be used also as a necessary extension of certification according to UVSV. In this variant, the participants complete an online test no later than 14 days before the presence stage. The online test replaces the written examination in the framework of the certification. As a result, only an oral examination must be placed on the day of the presence phase to have a corresponding certification of persons pursuant to UVSV.

“” Qualification specialist UVSV “by qualified specialist UVSV” enable the participants, making a professional and comprehensible to users consultancy to minimize the health risk by UV irradiation equipment. In addition, the participants learn to make an individual skin type determination, to create an individual dose plan, to make the device settings specified according to the dosing schedule and to recognize technical defects of the equipment. This basic knowledge UV radiation, device customer as well as consultation and advice in the fields. The most important information in a nutshell com. UV Protection Ordinance (UVSV) a skin type determination matched to the users and dosage planning as well as an introduction to the safe operation of the UV irradiation unit must be in the operation a UV irradiation (solarium”) from November 2012 by the certified staff. Pure coin operated devices without appropriate consultation are no longer possible since November. This is true for only solarium providers as well as for all other Companies and institutions which allow access to UV irradiation councils and prospective customers. Is considered professional com. UVSV, who took part in a training course according to 5 paragraph 1 of the UVSV, as well as in accordance with the requirements of the UVSV has been tested and certified.