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Honey A Great Ally Of Health

Honey: a great ally of health by Pablo de la Iglesia, Ph. d. (naturopath) when I learned that the bees have to visit an estimated 1 million flowers to produce one hundred grams of honey, I began to experience a very special sensation everytime I use it to sweeten my tea; Honey reminds me that behind every single fact is a true miracle of creation. Honey is a food that accompanied man throughout all its evolution and has been known to make an important place in almost all traditions and cultures; the first references found in Spain with some paintings of about nine thousand years old where you can see how man extracted this syrup of the natural hollows of trees or rocks where the wild bees tend to install their hives. In Egypt there are references of some six thousand years; in the Ebers Papyrus, the main medical manuscript of Egyptian antiquity, will highlight the multiple uses of honey in food, therapeutic processes and mummification. An interesting fact, and to mark the first steps of the long career of human by the maximum benefit from nature, marks it the fact that Egyptians built hives that loaded on rafts that were sailing on the Nile; they floated downstream and when they arrived at their destination, produced honey had the richness of having taken advantage of different blooms. Muhammad said that honey is a remedy for all diseases; in the Bible or Greek traditions, Roman, Indian or Arab, we always find a great respect towards this food. All medicinal applications know the value of honey and its uses to relieve respiratory disorders; an infusion of anise, thyme and eucalyptus, with lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey pure unrefined, usually represent a significant relief for cough and throat irritations. It also acts as many germs antibiotic, which positions it as an excellent palliative and preventative of any infection of the respiratory tract; in these cases, we can ingesting it or to make a few inhalations of eucalyptus or thyme infusion to which we add one or two tablespoons of honey.