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The Ability

Instead, the vision of an imposing bird that crosses the sky and sees everything from above is beautiful: free, surrounded by clarity and peace. From the heights all problem looks small. From the heights the problem, not only is seen also appreciated everything that is beyond him. What the bird observed no less beautiful because in the midst of this there is this small spot: this problem, this contrariety. hrough. To us, human beings, us has been granted the blessing of being able to fly: cherish life from above, measure things from the heights. To do so we must care for our wings, not surrender in the face of adversity to not get damaged by it. No problem gives us the right to lower the arms.

Nor even the tiny Ant makes when in his walk through a small room collides against a shoe; She surrounds this mountain or pass over it without hesitation. Surely is not you reserved the privilege of appreciating your environment further than the narrow walls of the enclosure, but an obstacle by immense to find it, does not stop it in his fervent desire to dominate their circumstances. Imagine how much more You must make the man, who potentially has the ability to dominate even other worlds. See also teaching that other people leave us: poignant stories of victory in the face of adversity, a dramatic opportunity to celebrate life. People to whom Fortune deprived of birth with all its members or all its powers, people who are born and grow up in dreadful conditions of poverty, people who are victims of insurmountable disease. Imagine size are the adversities faced by, let us think for a moment that many of them know well life from the cradle: without guilt and without option. These beautiful creatures are exactly the size of the problems facing and which exceed day by day: are big among the great.

European Stations

Such public charging stations as shown in the photo are currently in some European countries; Here one fills up very easy with map and code. How can a future infrastructure look like? European markets such as Portugal or Ireland show it: networks arise here already consisting of normal charging stations and quick charging stations. End of 2011 it will be ever 1500 tank columns in both countries and some dozen fast charging stations be; the latter finds you then already all 60 kilometers on the major highways. Refuelling is simple: you get a card and a code, so open the columns and release the electrical tap. It is paid by monthly payroll.

Under the hood is the engine, right. At first glance a lot has not changed, there is even a cooler and a cooling circuit which holds all components in a temperature-controlled mood. The electric motor is of course easier than a konentioneller glow, the heavy battery pack equalised but this advantage. Jessica Pels oftentimes addresses this issue. How much does the leaf? This is still not exactly to name for Austria. Basically, Nissan aims to a customer price of around 30,000 euros, which is comparable to the top equipment and the size with a corresponding compact diesel model. The catch: To get to the value, Nissan anticipates State funding of 5,000, so as the Netherlands, Ireland, or Portugal providing it; in There are even 5,000 United Kingdom.

Austria decided like Germany but not to a policy, so that the leaf will cost 35,000 euros more; unless Nissan swallows part of the difference, which is still open. How much is a kilometer? There not only gas station attendants are bleaching: 100 km with the leaf currently cause electricity costs by something more than two euro. Nissan has grossed’s: with an annual mileage of 15,000 kilometers, it saves compared to a very efficient diesel car around 800 euros.