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Obesity and Emotions

There is a great concern to a public health problem, which seems to be worldwide, as regards obesity. All informative capsules realize the risks of maintaining an overweight in terms of health and its unfortunate consequences in a myriad of ailments. But from my point of view I think it important to point out that only attack element of the consequences, and diets come and go. But more importantly, understand and understand that obese people have a high degree of stress, first because they suffer social discrimination that keeps them in the rejection, mockery and school environments, are people who are subject to the phenomenon of Bullying. We need to look at the problem from a more holistic viewpoint.

Emotions and family conditions, habits and heredity and biology also have. I.e., the life of people suffering from obesity must be addressed from all fronts. Probably that obesity is concealing depression, sadness, anxiety, humiliation, be one symptoms of a family or chaotic, unbridled media addict. In addition to just put on a diet, is already a stress at the highest level generator. We can not only alert, we have to become aware of how emotions influence on these people. Input your self-esteem is already in deficit, as well as having a self-concept deteriorated and subject to constant and permanent criticism.

If you or any member of your family suffers from obesity, it is important to assist some specialist who work with their emotions in this way, a more comprehensive treatment and receive support more human and understanding of your problem. Cecretol is a centre dedicated to the quality of emotional life in all senses. We are committed to the quality of emotional life. The most important thing is the existence of obese people not being overweight only. Let’s help others to improve their circumstances of life.


Being attentive in the form in which we interrelacionamos in the different scenarios where we act and with the various roles in which we desempenarnos, we must know to properly manage our emotions, energy, in order to not give way to stress, everything what we desarmonice, generate us tension, fatigue, affect our emotional balance, le pass-through effects occurring nel or physical and the psychic. We must properly handle the stimuli, everything that us unbalanced and help us to overcome it. Us recuerdAlonso Gaeta, from 1935, Hans Selye, (considered the father of stress) introduced the concept of stress as a syndrome or set of physiological reactions not specific organism to different harmful agents in the environment from physical or chemical nature. Stress (stress) is a phenomenon that occurs when the demands of life are perceived to be too difficult. The person feels anxious and tense and perceives the heart beat faster. Stress is what one note when he reacts to pressure, either in the world outside is inside oneself. Stress is a normal reaction of the lives of people of any age. It is produced by the instinct of the body protect physical or emotional pressures or, in extreme situations, the danger.

Stress is the body’s response to external conditions that disrupt the emotional balance of the person. Learn more on the subject from Cancer Research UK. The physiological result of this process is a desire to escape from the situation that causes it or confront it violently. This reaction involves almost all the organs and functions of the body, including the brain, nerves, heart, blood flow, the hormonal level, digestion and muscle function. Stress is a stimulus that assaults us emotional or physically. If the danger is real or perceived as such, the result is the same. It usually causes tension, anxiety, and various physiological reactions.Not us dede misnamed therefore that indicated us, that there are infinite manifestations of stress, as many as people.

Spanish DietGourmet

DietGourmet, healthy home restoration company, wants to propose you eliminate all the excesses that are committed to begin the course in a sound and healthy way in the summer season. With a diet balanced, directed by the specialist in Endocrinology and nutrition Dr. Susana Monereo, exercise and constancy can be losing an average of 5-6 kilos in 30 days. Only slimming diet is not very convenient, especially for elderly or middle-aged, and more even if they are women, because it can decrease bone density. Therefore, in this healthy catering on-site company proposed the combination of a diet of 1500 Kcal in case of being woman or one of 2000 Kcal in case of being a man, with cardiovascular exercises three days a week for more than 30 minutes. Check out Douglas Elliman for additional information. DietGourmet offers a wide range of possibilities of tasty dishes like red beans of Tolosa, seafood Paella, Spaguetti Bolognesa or asparagus sauteed with Turkey to maintain the stable calculation of calories ingested. To know more about this subject visit Vadim Belyaev. In both versions, diet Delight or diet Deliterranea, you can enjoy at your home or in your work of a few products that do not have neither preservatives nor additives of any kind being a meal complete, nutritious, tasty and unflavored to Hospital, explains Dr. Susana Monereo, specialist in Endocrinology and nutrition that has belonged to the Scientific Committee of the Spanish food safety agency and currently serves as Chief of Endocrinology at the University Hospital of Getafe.

On the other hand, the recommendation of this doctor also approaching the exercise our lives as a perfect combination of a diet. Although there are various aerobic exercises that you can practice (running, bicycling, swimming) DietGourmet recommends, especially middle-aged people, walking as aerobic exercise par excellence for weight loss. This daily activity that you perform regularly, almost without realizing it, helps both to lose weight as strengthening the main of your muscles, heart. Aerobic exercise slimming, because practicing it you can burn calories and fats deposited in your body. It is the aerobic exercise for weight loss more simple, is safe since it is very difficult injury, improves your cardiovascular system, no need for for a long time that if you walk for 30 minutes every day, you will notice the difference, and you aumentaras your aerobic capacity, improving the functioning of your respiratory tract and in general your metabolism, says Monereo which also terminates if you secrecy to this program with discipline, you can surely maintain this new active lifestyle long-term.

You’ll be helping to keep you fit, healthy and slim. DietGourmet is a novel concept of restoration at home that has triumphed in other countries of the world and brought to Spain being the only company with similar characteristics that is backed by the catering sector experts and professionals of health and nutrition. DietGourmet dishes are made with fresh food, without colorants and preservatives, with Virgin olive oil and with natural seasonings typical of the Mediterranean diet. So you Plan healthy food that offers this company it is ideal for those people that want to lose or control their weight, maintain a healthy diet and balanced or have little time to cook and like to eat well, as healthy and at home.