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Aetic Management

The crisis nor passed long to the Spanish telecommunications operators. During the first 9 months of 2010, they made significant cuts in their investments in the deployment of telecommunications networks, reaching a reduction of 25% on average, or in other words, curtailed their investments more than one 653 million euros. And we are not talking about a specific situation; According to Aetic (the employer’s electronic enterprises) 2008 investment data, with which compare the of this year, had already shown a substantial reduction compared with the year 2007. Spanish telecommunications operators spent 2.989 million less in their networks in 2008, which represented a reduction of 17%. With this need to reduce costs, but without more affecting their investment in infrastructure, telecommunications companies are looking for other means to save costs. One of them is the optimization of the procedures for provision of supplies, which are becoming more centralized, relying increasingly more in new technologies, from video conferencing and other computer communications to the specialized tools of purchasing management. This type of solutions not only give response to the needs of saving, but also offer a computer infrastructure of versatility that enables them, in real time, the availability of supply of providers, thus both answer the needs of its subsidiaries when they need them.

In addition to the implementation of purchasing management tools they can automate much of the procurement process, coordinating tasks between the various departments involved and storing information and documents generated in the process, in an organized manner. Purchasing management tools allow you to centralize all management requests for purchases made by employees, and coordinate integration with the accounting system of enterprises, providing pre-validada information, reducing the maximum possible human errors. In addition, these solutions allow you to manage, store and relate all the information generated during the process (requests, orders, delivery notes, invoices, etc.), assign its leaders and establish a logical and orderly classification of the information. Purchasing management tools help, therefore, to the achievement of a better organization of all information related to the provision of supplies, and a significant response time optimization is achieved since, through the computerised treatment of your data, and thanks to the possibilities of exploitation of information monitoring indicators of activity and quality of automated processes are obtainedreducing the volume of documentation, particularly in paper, with the consequential streamlining of internal, and external communication that help implement enhancements in all the purchase flow procedures.

Communications Division

With this solution to the purification of the Jenoptik sharpens its profile as a provider of technologies for the reduction of industrial emissions. Jenoptik had introduced the system KATASORB M on the market in 2012, due to its flexibility, which makes accessible highly efficient catalytic combustion for new areas of application. Presented at the K, the leading trade fair for plastics and rubber industries, had Jenoptik also the product range of the laser material processing, including the series of JENOPTIK-VOTAN W for laser welding, the disk laser JenLas disk IR70E, as well as a fiber-coupled diode laser module. You can find pictures to download in our image database at Laer & material processing / exhaust air purification systems. Jenoptik’s lasers & material processing Jenoptik Division counts with the Division lasers & material processing to the leading providers of laser technology and offers products and solutions along the entire value chain of laser material processing by de component to the complete laser system. In the area of laser, the company has specializes in high-quality Semiconductor Laser, reliable diode laser modules and systems, as well as innovative solid state laser like disc and fiber laser.

With this product portfolio is the ideal partner for the entire pulse widths range from cw to fs Jenoptik. The high-performance diode lasers is the company of globally recognized quality leader. In the field of laser systems develops and manufactures Jenoptik laser machines, which are integrated in the course of process optimization and automation in production lines of customers. These are the processing of plastics, metals and glass in connection with the processing of thin films. While the laser systems allow you manipulate the Jenoptik with utmost efficiency, precision and process reliability. In addition, customers in the Applikationseinrichtungen can test various laser sources and machinery and to find the optimum solution for your application. The product portfolio is rounded off by energy-efficient and environmentally friendly exhaust air purification systems for residue-free removal of pollutants, which arise in the laser processing and other industrial processes. Contact Nadine Kestner marketing & Communications Division lasers & material processing telephone: + 49 3641 65-4331 Fax:-4011 E-Mail: lm

Park Hyatt Hamburg

120,000 bees produce on the roof of the Levante Hotel restaurant the Park Hyatt Hamburg Hamburg employs honey for breakfast in the apples from now 120,000 new employees. Now two bee hives are on the roof of the Levante, the luxury hotel is located in which. With breathtaking views over Hamburg in the future 120,000 bees produce honey for breakfast in the Apple’s restaurant at the honey is to a much honey, from mid-August twice a year is harvested and restaurant of the Park Hyatt Hamburg served to guests in the apples. The two colonies belong to Michael Bauer, beekeepers in Jork in the old country, and are regularly supervised by him and controlled. Michael Bauer has extensive experience in the production of city honey and supervised several locations in downtown Hamburg. City bees are as busy as their relatives in the country and find in the city even a better supply situation, as in the country as a result of monocultures such as corn increasingly Lost land for the honey bee. In the city, however, the selection of flower in parks, parks, avenues and balcony plantings is very diverse.

But also the lower use of pesticides in the city and often two or three degrees warmer temperatures, contribute to the wellbeing of hardworking honey producers. Not only the hotel guests may enjoy the Park Hyatt Hamburg honey, this can be purchased also by non – hotel guests. The Park Hyatt Hamburg Park Hyatt Hamburg combines maritime flair with modern equipment and an elegant design. Located in the former Kontorhaus “Levantehaus”, is the luxury hotel with its 252 rooms and suites as created to pamper its guests in an atmosphere of warmth and elegance. Culinary guarantee the apples restaurant with show cooking and summer terrace, the apples bar, as well as the Park lounge with fireplace. Spa area provides for relaxation of 1000 m.

Callers from Germany can see the phone number 0180 523 1234 and on the Internet at for any Hyatt worldwide obtain information Hotel and make reservations. For callers from Austria is the telephone number 0800 293 600 available for requests from the Switzerland of the telephone number 0800 554-772. About Park Hyatt Park Hyatt hotels are outfitted with premium positions and stand for discretion and contemporary elegance with a distinctive regional reference. Offer sophisticated style of living, for travelers, the personal attention, extraordinary facility details and appreciate exclusive meeting and event facilities. Own art collections, as well as excellent cuisine are more features of Park Hyatt hotels. For more information see. Press contact Kathrin Schaffner marketing communications manager Park Hyatt Hamburg phone: + 49 (0) 40 3332 1712 fax: + 49 (0) 40 3332 1704 E-Mail: website:


Schwabisch Hall, in May 2010. Since March 1, 2010, the water world Aquabasilea near Basel offers incredible 13,000 m wellness for adults and children. Here one can relax a gently rippling stream, without this climb a steep hill – and that only a few steps away from the healthy pleasure of sweating in a rustic Earth sauna or a fragrant aroma grotto. Divided into indoor and outdoor areas select the guest in the lively adventure pool of the Swiss water park between relaxation and action: whizzing down the long slides, relax in the Spa, or sweating in the sauna world welcoming diversity. It shows the leading manufacturer of sauna KLAFS once again his skills as a successful supplier of Spa equipment. The bathroom visitors can enjoy not only a water world of superlatives, but also the varied and generous sauna landscape, which offers a wide variety of sauna and Steamroom variations and different cooling zones.

The spacious cabins are thereby technically modern quite central with KLAFS control, but individually controlled. Highlights inside include an octagonal mine sauna, smoke sauna with high temperatures and a gentle sanarium with harmonious colour light. The heart is the Finnish sauna with enormous masses of 11.30 x 5.25 m. Here, up to 50 people sweat at the same time. The offer is rounded off by steam bath, Laconium, Caldarium, a soothing salt water grotto and a fragrant aroma grotto. Outdoor more generous sweating houses waiting for the bathers: whether traditional infusion or Lakeside sauna with light and sound experience, rustic Earth or quaint Chalet sauna – sauna world of the Aquabasilea every visitor takes the desired zone. Each of KLAFS saunas can accommodate this lush. Just on weekends and in the holidays does not so recreational bottlenecks. Ice fountain or pool load with bubbling waterfall to cool down after the soothing sweating. The wellbeing of the Swiss water world is underlined by the high-quality, natural especially appealing Materials and organic design.

Albert Conference

At this year’s competition of the ‘selected conference hotels to feel’ at this year’s competition of the selected conference hotels for the well-being”, attended by the best German hotels, occupies the NaturKulturHotel Stumpf of Albert for the first time a place among the top 20. The judges acknowledged the Neunkirchener Conference Hotel ambience, facilities, meeting competence and service. “For Albert Stumpf and his team, it’s a wonderful recognition and confirmation of their day-to-day work: at the this year’s Hotel-Grand Prix of the selected conference hotels to feel” the Neunkirchener NaturKulturHotel was awarded as one of the best 20 German Conference Hotels. In addition to the ambience, location and service quality, the jury acknowledged the successful synthesis of the Conference competence and wellbeing oasis. Passing practice test Albert Stumpf, who runs the hotel already in the second generation, be glad also about the award because its 30 employees and employees have demonstrated their skills in the practice test.

For the Freestyle of the selected conference hotels for the well-being”, already conducted time this year to 17, around 15,000 Conference Organizer, coach, continuing trainers, staff officers and journalists questioned how they evaluate the 200 hotels approved for the competition based on their direct experience. The Neunkirchen hotelier thanked explicitly its team, as it contributes significantly to the success of the hotel. In nature, but not from the world in Neunkirchen/Odenwald, the 4-star NaturKulturHotel has 43 comfortable rooms and four suites, each one characterized by level, style and individuality. For all kinds of events, five seminar rooms available equipped with ergonomic furniture and professional technology. The largest meeting room 110 sqm, comprising up to 80 participants up to 50 seating of rows of. The GARDEN SPA includes an own concept of health loop with varied sauna and water stations.

On the so-called beauty Iceland of Albert Stumpf in the second Guests can book a wide range of beauty and relaxation services generation of listed House. Information and contact: NaturKulturHotel Stumpf Zeilweg 16 74867 Neunkirchen Tel.: 06262 – 9229 – 0 press contact Dr. Gestmann & partner the attention of agency Colmantstr. 39 53115 Bonn Tel.: 0228 966 998 54

Psychological Terrorization

medical and psychological Upheavals in other members of the familiar system. Affectation of the affectivity and sexual desire. married Separation. SOCIAL AND COMMUNITARIAN Loss of force of work and active populace. Increase of the economic cost dedicated to labor losses and/or retirements and incapacities. Increase of the economic budget and the stress of the sanitary resources. Increase in the general population of the negative attributions towards the effects of the work Evaluation For the correct diagnosis of a psychological situation of harassment in the work, we do not have to remain solely in valuing its incidence and/or prevalence in the organization; if not that is necessary to realise a causal analysis of the situation, that allows to know the origin the problem and orients the possible solutions to take. To this end, it will be necessary to collect concrete on: Characteristic personal of the worker.

socio-professional History of the person in its present position and positions or previous companies. Analysis and conditions of work of its present position. Succession and frequency of the traumatic events origin of the problem. physical, psychological, familiar and social the consequences. Any other data that we consider of interest in order to clarify the problem.

the use of questionnaires and the adjustment to the established criteria (for example in the Inventive Leymann and of Psychological Terrorization), will provide criteria to us additional diagnoses. Prevention Never as until now it had been perceived to the work like pathology source. The tactics used in the harassment psychological in the work consist of wearing away psychologically to the employee until obtaining that it is autoexcluya. The victim is deteriorated itself professional and psychologically until losing her capacity of self-esteem, soon falls in the psychosomatic depression, diseases, insomnia, alcoholism and, even, the suicide.