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Ramon Gallegos

Again terms like perennial philosophy and the whole introduction to holistic education was really what started the process of wanting to end up so nice experience. Carrying class with Dr. Ramon Gallegos, author of several books and even then did not know of their twelve, almost thirteen books published, even know much, but it was a good beginning and a sense of tranquility. It is worth noting that for these times and we used peer mastery terms meme what are you today?, From there I think we were viewing the actions that each one of us was experiencing. Dean Ornish M.D spoke with conviction. Another of the terms that were taking shape was that of spirituality, and something that cost me a little was the Kosmos terms, explained in the following scheme was that I began to give meaning. Another of the interesting things that surprised me this semester was to have seen and treated first code of ethics of the holistic educator.

At that time still did not see this code as the basis for the action to take to be full. My biography written in different ways, gave me pleasant memories, things that are living at different times and did not consider or take into account and would rather not give them their significance, despite the fact that over time I learned that the important thing is to live the present, not stick to the past or anxious about the future, something not even know how to be. For the second half and already with a good result from the first, what most motivated me was the beginning of the meditations and the study of Buddhadharma, and the possibility to take another course now in CECATI and was another kind of experience, but especially rewarding that allows for different findings.