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Crimea Coast

Every river valley abounds in ponds and reservoirs with pure spring water. On photo – pit in Section Rocky Bakhchsarai area most majestic mountain Crimea is recognized Chater-Dag (tent-Hill). Cycle route to its top of Angarsk pass is 5 km long with a height difference of about 700 meters. Forests of the Mountain Crimea is very rich in edible fruit. A unique living monument to the environmental wisdom of farmers of the Middle Ages are air – forest gardens. South Coast of Crimea (Big Yalta) – the most difficult area for cycling because of the large difference in altitude, limited to the sight of mountain serpentines and high-density housing and resorts.

Only large South Coast parks can be recommended for short walks and pack trails that here since the emperor and the grand estates landscaped, planted with exotic trees and offers an unforgettable landscapes. Yuzhnobrezhem soar above the so-called Yayla – hilly plateau, almost treeless, with a high meadow grasses. Unlike Tarkhankut and the Kerch Peninsula in the grass to go easy, but the network of paths, dirt roads and even highways sufficiently developed. On photo – view of the city Pahkal-kai (Demerdzhi-Yayla) on Salgirskuyu Valley best known for interesting and Ai-Petri Yayla. From the village on a plateau Mishor laid lift, which is very convenient for fans of dan-Hill (downhill). South-eastern coast of Crimea (Alushta and Sudak Big district) – Here the mountains are not so densely moving to the coast, and large valleys are connected by the sea beach.

So from the sanatorium 'Rock' (west of Big Alushta) and Sudak until you can drive along the coast, sometimes on the concrete embankments, sometimes on a wild beach and a stone of chaos. In the valleys of mountain rivers can rise up, for example, the famous Valley Ghosts or to the waterfall Jur-Jur. Yayla-Karabakh, which towers over this coast, the most deserted place in Crimea – an area of 100 square miles is only a mountain rescue post.

Obesity In Our Pets

Many pet owners don’t think your fat pet has a problem. However, the truth is that obesity in pets poses serious health risks and is something for which veterinarians are seeing increasingly. In fact, recent statistics show that fat and obese pets are more common than the normal weight. Being obese means more demands are placed on every organ in the body of your pet, stress is placed on joints and bones, and your pet is at a higher risk for a number of diseases and health concerns for example: * diabetes * cancer * liver disease * lameness * common conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia * pancreatitis * surgical risks and increasing anesthetic * skin conditions including acne in cats * breathing with difficulty and respiratory disease * heart disease * high blood pressure * digestive problems * decreased immune function * the list heat intolerance obesity and health-related concerns is long. In addition to shorten life, obese pets generally have a poorer life quality. They tend to be inactive because even basic actions are consumers of energy and vigorous.

You spend much time with the uncomfortable feeling that can lead to increased irritability and depressed mood. If you think that your pet this obese, now is the time to take action! What causes obesity? In nature, there is a natural balance between food intake and energy expenditure. Animals must search for his food, an energy consuming task, and the food they eat is low in fats and sugars. In domestic animals, this balance is often lost. Lifestyle factors often mean that pets eat most of what they require, and the food they eat is often unsuitable for their digestive systems, many pet foods are high in carbohydrates and low in protein. In addition, lifestyle factors, diets poor, environmental toxins and inactive metabolisms often give rise to domestic animals with poor liver function and may not effectively remove toxins or eliminate unwanted fat from their bodies.

Lose Weight

Each day we find more and more people who suffer and they suffer the consequences of overweight and obesity that on occasions it seems a global pandemic without end. Obesity occurs by various factors, and unfortunately many people by ignorance do not understand to obese and believe they are overweight simply eat in more. This disease goes much more beyond the strength of a person’s will, in fact many times the obese eat less than thin people and they remain obese. Still there is much ignorance on this issue and the worst case is that this ignorance begins in own experts in obesity than erroneously first thing you do is restrict foods for people with overweight and obesity, is a proven fact that diets fatten and eat slim. Slimming weight loss diets are terms that are used very frequently. To lose weight it is necessary to understand that you originated the accumulation of body fat, this accumulation it may be due to many reasons, one of them is eating excess fat, but there are many others, such as diets and prolonged fasts, factors genetic, stress, hormonal changes and many others. The first step to cure this ailment is to bring a regime balanced and balanced, dividing in 6 or 7 numbers of meals a day, it is important to note that while most times a day eat a person more speeds up your metabolism and burn more fat accumulated by multiple is recommended intakes per day, ideally are 7 or more if possible.

The second step is to eat food with a high nutritional content, such as legumes, vegetables, fruits, low fat protein and whole grain cereals. Take an order at meals and in the percentage of nutrients help your body eliminate the excesses naturally, also is recommended to consume enough fiber along with the food, if necessary you can consume it in capsules as a dietary supplement, in addition to helping eliminate fat fiber gives you a feeling of fullness in the long termavoiding food bingeing and anxiety attacks. Diets work on occasions but only on a temporary basis since generally recovers the weight lost a year of finishing a diet, the ideal is to change eating habits and help the body with a little bit of moderate physical activity to maintain a healthy weight control.

Taking Care of Diabetes

First that everything we must know that the diabetes is a chronic disease that lasts all the life that is characterized by sugar high levels in the blood. The diabetes produces a slow and painful death for which they do not take the due precautions. The people who have diabetes present/display hyperglucaemia and this it must to that the pncreas do not produce sufficient insulin and the muscles, the fat and the hepatic cells do not respond of a normal way to the insulin. If diabetes is had, the frequent symptoms but are: – The people begin to tinkle much and a great volume of urine is eliminated. – Polidipsia, this presents/displays an abnormal sensation of thirst, and this appears because the pressure lowers and increases the dehydration considerably. – One begins to have a blurred vision.

– The people begin to feel polifagia that is to say, she begins to have a sensation of exaggerated hunger. – You feel nauseous. – I vomit. – A loss of considerable weight in spite of the increase of the appetite appears. – Fatigue.

The symptoms can tender appear and disappear due to the fluctuation of the levels of glucose. It is necessary to be very pending of all those symptoms since in the majority of the cases the people realize behind schedule too much that is to say, when occurring account of which it already passes through some of the symptoms of the diabetes many of his organs is damaged. In some people with diabetes, at the outset a hiperostomico coma takes place, and still more when the person happens through a stress state or when the metabolism of the glucose is seen but affected by medecines. It is necessary to remember always certain type of basic knowledge for the handling of the diabetes, which helps to prevent the necessity to go to a emergencia center: – To recognize like dealing with the high and low levels the glucaemia. – Knowledge that is what like and to know at that moment for doing it. – To have knowledge to measure and to register the glucaemia. Original author and source of the article.


DEVELOPMENT For Port (2005), the breasts are agencies glandulares pairs, situated in the superior part of the thorax, on the pectoral muscles, height of 3 and 4 susceptible costal arcs the stimulatons neuro hormonal and destined primordially to the milk secretion. Adiposo skin, fabric and mammary glands are constituted of. In its general morphology, the breasts resemble if the glands suroripas, that is is structures tbero acenosa that wolves present 15 a20, distributed radically and separate between if for fabric conjunctive, distributed and radially separate between if for fabric conjunctive dense. As Stevens and Lowe (2002), the feminine breast depends on a variety of hormone for its normal activity, and particularly shows considerable variations structural and functional throughout the life, during the puberty, pregnancy, lactation, the normal menstrual cycle and menopause. This growth regulating hormone also originates the form most common of illness of the breast, that in reason of the abnormal proliferation, is assigned fibrocstica alteration. The carcinoma is the illness most important of the breast is the immediate destination of the cases of mammary cancer of the many forms of illness of the breast, one time that the majority of the illnesses mammary presents as a papvel nodule. Although the true nature of the nodules mammary only can be evaluated by the histolgico examination of the areas of the excisdos nodules, it is possible if to have a good idea of the nature of this nodule before the surgery. The malignant tumors of the feminine breast are extremely common, contributing for 20% of all the malignidade in women, acomete 1 in 10 women (STEVENS; LOWE, 2002). Author according to cited above the factors prognostics can be used in the forecast of supervened in the breast cancer the same one are not an existing only illness to an enormous variation. An enormous variability not supervened after the treatment, the factors related to the prognostic in the breast cancer is clinically important in the measure where it allows aconselhamento of the patients.