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Transpersonal Psychology

Regressive techniques are part of the world of Transpersonal Psychology, is based at self-examination to deep-level and personal growth with the aim of achieving well-being and integration of being that we are transpersonal frame hosts the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual world of the person. We are living moments of intense evolution in which we need to integrate our soul. The personal crisis is the time in which those aspects of our being that they are not integrated and they do not know through internal States of confusion, sadness, anguish, fears these emotions are the voice of those aspects that need to be brought to the conscious to be integrated. Normally these aspects remain unconscious, although we know of his presence by the discomfort we feel. The basic tool of this technique is the internal from the relaxation work, because this allows access to the subconscious world and bring awareness to our deep wounds and heal them.This technique allows a way easy access to these dissociated aspects of being and integrate them.

The ultimate goal is to resume contact with the personal power of each one, to experience States of being that we are, be aware of our nature once looks liberated of what limits us and keeps us living with past patterns that direct our lives, repeating personal experiences that lead to emotional pain and prevent us from expressing our genuine nature and live from the trust, in a continuous discovery of our being, our skills and attributes, in an experience internal staying at home, connected to our heart, that is the voice of our soul… Not only it is a therapeutic framework, the process teaches tools and resources the person to apply them in their daily lives, as learning to breathe correctly, relax, learn to connect with our interior, knowing our strengths and resources to accompany us in life and cope with life situations from the trust. This technique allows to approach therapy focusing on our life history, but for people who are they identify with the past lives and a spiritual context, allows to explore past lives, exploring the space between lives around an inner journey of self-discovery and learning. The technique is based on relaxation, which allows access to an expanded state of consciousness in which we can access information which the conscious can or can’t remember many times. The experience of situations which in turn generated us suffering in a State of relaxation, lets you clean those situations and liberate the subconscious of what does not let us live with welfare. It is a simple and yet powerful technique because when you work with the subconscious it goes directly to the source of the conflict, this makes generally it a process of a few months, especially when cutting vital crises appearing at a given time. One of the aspects that would highlight the regressive techniques is allowing the person connected with itself to deep level!. And finally, I would stress that the person can work and learn more about your mental, emotional and spiritual world.

Rhine Fireworks

Combining empirical research and technology development, a strategic technology expertise in the field has been with the Heliosity concept light built in the LightFusionLab implemented of the Fraunhofer IAO and thus achieved a unique position in this area. The third place was awarded twice: Janina Baker and Matthias Peissner for the ergonomic and intuitive design of a user interface awarded, representing at the same time a uniform solution for the entire process chain of filling and packaging equipment of KHS GmbH. The human machine interface (HMI) also has already received the speech design dot best of the best for highest design quality, as well as the iF communication design award 2011 The jury was out, that the developed method the aspects of the user experience successfully implemented in the industrial environment. This shows that the design of the user interface could contribute significantly to the unique feature of a product. Dr. Heiko Ross nail and Jan Zibuschka were awarded for their research on the integration of mobile services for the support of major events. The scientists have developed a concept and implemented, that the increasing spread of Internet-enabled smartphones taking advantage of.

As an example of the Rhine Fireworks”Kolner Lichter, as well as for Bundesliga games of the 1st FC Cologne the project team has designed numerous mobile services, realized and tested, which can enhance the event experience and be helpful in critical situations. The central component of the concept is a service platform that allows a simple composition of value added, basic and emergency services. In addition to these award-winning research, the other six projects reflect both the diverse Range of activities of the Institute as the high practical relevance of the research at the Fraunhofer IAO reflected: CE-coach is a learning application for CE marking of machinery and equipment; It supports manufacturers in implementing the new machinery directive and basics regarding organization, liability, conversion and control. The ILO scientists have developed an interaction concept in the project”SAFE RIDER for motorcycle assistance systems on basis of new interaction elements, which have been tested in the laboratory, in the motorbike Simulator, as well as on the road. The topic master data management represents the basis for efficient business processes; the Fraunhofer IAO has developed a completely new approach in this area and thus newly entered the market of master data management. The development City Explorer offers airplane passengers the opportunity to meet their goal via a mobile service platform during the trip.

A novelty in the relatively young field of business model research is the development of moby Methodology for business agility dar. The methodology aims to increase the dynamics of service-based business processes in accordance with the business model by means of a methodical approach. The Fraunhofer IAO with one has in the area of language interaction quality offensive the acceptance and usability of voice applications in Germany on the basis of numerous research publications and standardization activities substantially promoted. For more information about the excellent and submitted research are on the Internet pages of the Fraunhofer IAO or available on request. Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

Myth Four

When using floor heating, the picture is quite different, the warm air coming from the floor, gradually rising up, and the head will be in fresh oxygenated space. In this case, the floor is warmer by 2-3 C air. Space heating may be different as an additional and substantive. The main heating system, as the rules are set in private homes, cottages, manors. Where there is no way to central heating, but also in apartments, not seldom people choose to warm the floor as the main heating system, relying on the opportunity to heat the room regardless of the season and the regular circulation of heat exchange. Myth Four: The bill for electricity. This myth, I do not get dispel, but I'm not going to do that. Here's why: In our life, so many things that bring us pleasure, as is well known for the pleasure you have to pay.

But not all of these things have concrete benefits for us, because Plasma tv 42-inch with a home theater system, can not add your health, but buying it, you first of all, think about how it will look a picture, what is the frequency of sound and of course the pleasure of watching your favorite series or a decisive football match. Likewise, a warm floor is a lot of advantages, not only in the section of pleasure, but also against your health. Firstly, the room where you installed underfloor is no draft, and secondly, the dust barely rises to – Thirdly, there is a uniform heating of the floor over the entire area in – Fourth, the hidden system heating without cumbersome structures, – Fifth, the ease in handling, and the most comfort. And this is not all advantages. So I think our only negative, is transformed into a significant plus, though the operation heating cables in an average of 25 to 50 years, and during that time the cable just pay off in full. Myth Five: Carpet This issue is very relevant and do not always understand the answer, let's try to understand. Let's start with physics, namely, stop the lesson "heat." "Thermal conductivity" refers to a quantitative assessment of the ability of a given substance to conduct heat. Each material has its own coefficient thermal conductivity, and lower it, the better thermal conductivity.

Most optimal materials that give heat, are ceramic tile, linoleum, good quality does not release harmful substances when heated. But no one forbids you to put a warm floor under carpet, hardwood floors, cork or laminitis, but here are some points to consider, namely, all these materials have low thermal conductivity and the heat, which must heat the room they have been delayed. This requires raising the temperature of heating, which reduces not only the life of the cable, but can lead to overheating or even damage the system. And as far observed increase in energy costs. Having considered the most important issues that arise when choosing a warm floor, you can now specify in more detail with the purchase, spreading all the priorities, the pros and cons of this product. Company Wirt will always help you to answer any remaining questions will help you in finding the product you need into the size, characteristics and purpose. Take care of your health.

Produce Drinking Water

As a source for the production of bottled drinking water is used most often artesian wells. After extraction from the depth of the water goes through several levels of cleaning. Originally produced water treatment from suspended particles and coarse impurities. Then conducted a multistage water purification from organic contaminants, unpleasant taste, odor. Having been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected water is optional. Storage of drinking water is in storage tanks, where it enters the filling line.

The water then automatically filled into clean bottles, they are labeled – and final stage – delivery of water in your office or home. Delivery water in the office and at home involves, in addition to worries about the health of relatives and staff, best customer. Convenience is, first of all, in a simple order form and payment. Pay your order for delivery of water at any form – cash or cashless. According the time of delivery of water in the office or home, choose your form of payment, which is most convenient to you. The simplest form of payment for water delivery is to pay cash carried out at the time of your order. Company to deliver water to the office an additional offer to lease or buy a cooler. What is it? Cooler, also known as water dispenser, intended for bottling drinking water and may have a number of additional functions – heating, cooling, aerating the water. Coolers may be desk and floor – you can choose the most suitable option for accommodation at the office or at home.

Scary Bull Plant

Where farmers buried money and how to get them back? Currently in the cis countries has increased interest in obtaining the energy and bio-fertilizers by agricultural waste. Contribute to this high the cost of energy and fertilizers, as well as the deteriorating state of the environment. However, due to low awareness among farmers on practical ways of biogas technology, as well as relatively high initial cost, the total number of biogas plants in the cis countries does not exceed a few hundred. At the same time, properly designed and well functioning biogas plant brings many advantages it owner, society and environment as a whole! 1. Saving money: saves money previously spent on fuel and electricity; saves money spent on the purchase of fertilizers and herbicides. 2. The possibility of obtaining additional income: You can sell biogas and fertilizer; you get additional money for improving yields of crops cultivated by the use of biofertilizers; 3. Fast return units: A biogas plant with heating raw materials, any power, paying off about a year operation; reduced risk of respiratory and eye diseases by cleaning the air by reducing volumes of organic waste in their places of storage; improving the epidemiological situation as a result of the death of the microorganisms contained in the waste; improving health by obtaining an environmentally agricultural products using organic fertilizers. 4. Save time, space and women's work: saves time by using bio-fertilizers, spent weeding, introduced with the usual manure, as their seeds are killed in the process of fermentation in the reactor biogas plant.


I do not want to remain a priest. yPuedo resign and abolish the sacrament of order in me? Do not really believe that the body of Christ is in what we call host, go to Communion ypuedo thinking this? Etc. With that I say, not to say that you do not have enough theological training to understand the fact. Please do not want you to understand well. I believe you much and that is not my intention. What I try to do is to share with you something from my personal experience. For me in particular this does not have a religious sense, but I would rather a sense of natural order.

I am very sorry, hear or see someone want to give up one of these sacraments. It is unfortunate to see this, but that it occurs, is given. Unfortunately, the sacrament can not be deleted, because there was one and only time. But of course, if you reach the point of not able to maintain a marital relationship, the parties must be separated so as not to turn this into an inferno divine sacrament. But we must understand something very important and you can not deny: the intimate intercourse of man and woman, can only be provided within the sacrament of marriage. But happiness can not be reduced to this event.

As I said before happiness is relative and can be happy in a thousand ways. I can not say I'm not happy, not having a daughter, I would have liked. I try and I can be happy with what God has given me and what I live. But I can not deny or reject, so that I could reason and faith understand. I want to say that I regret very much if someone known to me or for you, is passing through this crucible. But by reading our views in these articles, it may be of some help. A handshake and a hug. '.