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Dry Construction Master

Dry building Championship 2013: on 13 September also skill, quality and precision of Frankfurt is fastest ing, 31.05.2013 who will be champion of dry construction 2013 “? The Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH (SGBDD) the two team that built the best a demanding dry construction from the building materials and based on a predefined blueprint and a given amount of time looking for already for the tenth time. Not only speed, but also technical skill at the highest level, creative high-quality work and a precise execution. The first round takes in eight SGBDD offices on 13 and 20 September, the final on 8 November in Berlin within the framework of the trade fair of innovative 2013. The three winning teams enjoy cash prizes amounting to 6.666, 4.444, and 2,222 euro. In addition to the winning duo receives a one-year, free marketing package and may 2013 the coveted title of champion of dry construction “lead. A star-studded jury consisting of industry and The constructions of the participants rated representatives after the two-hour construction. Most important criteria are quality, dimensional accuracy, skill and time, but also cleanliness. The team just before the start of the competition given the blueprint.

“There is no more help: the drywall installers may more do not use their own tools and expertise,”, explains Frank Bielfeld, Managing Director sales HBM at SGBDD. More than 100 teams of this challenge have been in the previous year. In the anniversary year we are looking for professionals who want to prove it themselves, their peers and their fans what they can again.” The first round of the German championship of dry construction the first step in the direction of Berlin at the SGBDD sites in Berlin and Hannover 2013 starts the first round on 13 September. Professor Roy Taylor can provide more clarity in the matter. A week later, on September 20, follow the events at the locations Frankfurt, Halle, Hamm, Munich, Saarbrucken and Zwickau. In addition to the exciting competitions awaits visitors in the various Locations always a colourful programme, ranging from barbecue and grilling for presentations of all major industry partners and product training. Grand finale on the innovative 2013 the winners of the preliminary round on 8 November in Berlin to determine the innovative 2013, the trade fair for education and construction) the dry construction master in 2013.

You compete with the still reigning title carriers of Amir Kozlo and Enver Seho from Hanover. All finalists stay on the final weekend for free accompanied by a Berlin luxury hotel and receive an invitation to the exclusive evening event of the fair with live music and dinner. In addition, receive prizes worth 200 euros. The one-year free marketing package for the winner includes a professional website, agency services in the field of marketing and advertising, vehicle lettering and a personal service. Login, join and get the title of dry construction Championship 2013 real guys can show again, when a man is a man: go with commitment and creativity to work, they remain cool, if the Time is short, and they operate cleanly and precisely. All interested teams of two can inform themselves on the Internet at and sign up for the competition. There is also current notes and comments on the individual events at dry building Championship. Press contact: Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany Anna of Kraher line communication & eMarketing Hanauer Landstrasse 150 60314 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: + 49 (0) 69/4 05 05-105 E-Mail:

Successful Crowdfunding

“‘Show Racism the Red Card – Germany’ turns for the first time an own documentary: Soccer professionals support the project the education initiative show racism the red card – Germany” has managed to more than 4000 successful the Crowdfunding startnext to generate platform. The Crowdfunding was exhausting, has made but also fun, because we were able to reach a large audience and are totally surprised at once strangers to support us!”producer and Club Chairman Andreas hell rod is enthusiastic. “In August 2013 started the education initiative show racism the red card Germany” with the shooting of a documentary film. Active and former football professionals are in the focus. Including Jerome Boateng (FC Bayern Munchen), Roberto Hilbert (Bayer Leverkusen), Anthony Ujah (1st FC Cologne), Gerald Asamoah (Schalke 04), Andreas Beck (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim) and world and European champion Anja Mittag (LdB FC Malmo) were visited and interviewed for the film.

Also were the former pros Hans Sarpei, the DFB integration officer Jimmy Hartwig and Otto Addo (U-19 coach at Hamburger SV) in front of the camera. The amateur football team of the street boys from Munich is part of the film, which will in the future accompany the education initiative in their work with children and young people and support. Instead of hooligans, violence or Nazis in the ubiquitous, personal stories from football will play a central role in the documentary. The personal statements and stories of known models complement in the stories of the three protagonists Otto Addo, Anja lunch and Alex from the street boys. Since 2010 hosted show racism the red card Germany e.V.”in cooperation with football clubs and schools nationwide workshops.

The education initiative sensitized children and young people to the issue of racism and discrimination and worked out with them for everyday actions. “So far, a translated version of the documentary was by show racism the red card” Integral of workshop work from England. Now, the education initiative goes new ways with an own movie. The Manfred Lautenschlager Foundation, the Central Council – and the documentation and cultural centre of German Sinti and Roma, the DFB-Kulturstiftung Theo Zwanziger and the Sebastian Cobler Foundation promote the project, which will be implemented by the Augsburger filmmaker Timian Hopf. More info and first documentary previews are dokufilm under. Finally once again a huge thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support that has undergone the film project of you! Thank you!

Registry Cleaner

Software auslogics boostspeed, can be used for multiple tasks, can be considered multipurpose cleaner software that helps meet the needs of the user. This tool serves to provide quick solutions to the major problems of the computer. The program is structured so that the entire process of maintenance of the PC, can choose can be cleaning quickly and safely to the file system, defragment the disk, repair registry errors, adjust Windows settings so that the system is protected from virus attacks that can enter through the internet. This cleaner software running all the analysis through the user, which are stored in the center of recovery files. For the case that is presented or experience any problem caused by the use of the program, you can easily restore the backup. This tool does all the work for you, clean the PC without import the disorder that has the (trash) useless files system. It is a powerful tool to examine your hard disk in files that occupy spaces on the disk that consume unnecessary memory in the computer;from files of Windows and applications, temporary files, cache of Web browsers, junk files that let programs to make a chat or written communication between users of different computer online as it is the case of MSN or Yahoo Messenger and others. The Disk Cleaner tool displays the files that are safe to delete and lets you choose files you want to delete.

In addition, this cleaner software (auslogics boostspeed) explores input not valid and records obsolete performing the respective corrections. Registry Cleaner offers a complete list of all errors found after scanning of the registry, description of each problem in detail. To clean and repair the file system is obtained an increase of speed in the computer. Using Registry Cleaner this absolutely free of risk, that without doubt can undo all changes easily by selecting the restore changes button. Bootspeed auslogics is an effective tool to find and eliminate unnecessary duplicate files within the hard disk. Obtaining an increase in disk space can be many times the order up to 50%. When using autologics boostspeed you can select and match the criteria of the program that should be used to compare files during disk scan. Duplicate File Finder tool searches for files of identical name, size, time and date that were modified, and even with files that match content. For more information please click on cleaner software (auslogics boostspeed).

Program Manager Networking Academy

With new hardware by Cisco training can be designed more pragmatic early December passed the IT network specialist Cisco on the profession promote plant Leipzig (BFW Leipzig) three high-quality network router. These devices will support the training of the future IT network technician. According to Stefan Kusiek, teachers in the IT field of the BFW Leipzig, it is very important to adapt the training equipment to the State of current technology. We want to make our training under realistic conditions and because the technique that is used in the company, is always up to date, is also the current devices trained.” In the future the participants in the training with these devices will simulate big network architectures and test. The major challenges to corporate networks we prepare by our participants with this technique on their later usage in practice.” For the California network specialists Cisco is the handing over of the power units with recognition for results and Connected to expectations of future cooperation. Speaking candidly Ellen Alaverdyan told us the story. The BFW Leipzig is with his long-time partner in the Cisco Networking Academy IT training. Cyrus Massoumi often expresses his thoughts on the topic. This is the name of the partnership offer for educational institutions and core element of the company’s social commitment.

And others are in the Networking Academy comprehensive learning materials for the teaching of skills in the area of information and network technology provides a uniform global online learning platform. Because the concept of learning includes practical exercises, assisting in the technical equipment of educational institutions is a necessary complement. Carsten Johnson, Program Manager Networking Academy, praises the good cooperation with the BFW Leipzig. The pulse puts Cisco with the Networking Academy here is particularly fertile ground: the BFW Leipzig provides a good quality of education. I could convince multiple me on the spot.” The placement results of graduates of the BFW Leipzig testify to the fact that also the regional companies recognise this.

City Travel To Odessa

A journey worth to Odessa – beautiful scenery and fascinating city. Odessa travel – a lot of variety an Odessa tour promises plenty of variety and the opportunity to get to know one of the most picturesque coastal towns of Ukraine with regard to cultural and sports active. Odessa is situated directly on the Black Sea in the Ukraine and is known in addition to its cultural attractions and leisure opportunities also for the very liberal-looking life style, which you can feel in the streets and clubs. For this reason many drop-outs and people with alternative life style decide travel in addition to numerous bad travellers for an Odessa. What is special about an Odessa travel is that no boredom arises during your stay.

Too many sports and leisure opportunities lure in the environment and ensure that it always has something to do. Especially the water sports is capitalized on the beach of the city. So you have the possibility to rent a surfboard and Jet skiing and also the snorkeling areas with the Boat to visit. The underwater world of Odessa is stunning and varied at the same time. Who has had enough of the beach and sea, can visit one of the climbing park in the hinterland or to contact the cultural activities of the city.

Culturally an Odessa travel is also suitable in all other respects. The City Opera is considered one of the most prestigious in the Ukraine. Also lure numerous museums, about the sea, to inquire about the Habitat of Black Sea. The city is also known for their magnificent staircase at the port, as well as countless other architecturally high quality buildings. Due to the many religious influences which also are due to the liberal lifestyle of the inhabitants of Odessa, found as many churches, mosques and synagogues in the city. Also, there is a music Cafe, where you can already make party at noon on almost every corner. It is really full here but only in the evening. You should look at necessarily also the galleries and the weekly market, where regional products are sold, in the context of Odessa Travel.

NCP Gold Partner

The NCP engineering GmbH appoints VR networks as the new Gold partner in Munster, 11 October 2013. VR networks GmbH, the competence centre for telecommunications and network services of the cooperative financial network Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, maintained since its founding the banks and companies within the financial group and external customers with a comprehensive service portfolio and services. Recently, a leading provider of remote access VPN solutions, VR appointed the NCP engineering GmbH, the new Gold partner networks. VR networks, a company of the GAD, the remote access VPN solutions from NCP for highly secure connections between customer networks on the Internet uses, but also for secure and highly available access to internal networks and applications. Therefore, the residence of the employee nor the desired access way play a role. A central, multi-tenant security platform takes over the security of remote access services. It works based on highest security standards, continuously updated VR networks and further developed.

VR implements the access networks via all available media (Internet, mobile networks, public switched telephone networks). They stand around the clock nationally and internationally for the user at the disposal. The decisive reasons for the partnership with NCP were that scalable platform, the operating comfort for the administrators and end users, support for numerous operating systems and certificate solutions, and not least, the proximity to the provider,”explained Stefan Rech, head of Department security network services at VR networks. The short and direct lines of communication make technically sound collaboration with NCP. very efficient and effective” As a Gold partner by NCP, VR networks offers its customers software expertise first-hand. To obtain this status, the company has successfully participated in sales and technical training in the training center of the NCP. During a preliminary site visit at VR networks in Frankfurt a. M. handed Thomas Kindt, NCP Sales Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the new Gold partner certificate to the remote access services, team leader Frank Waldschmidt.

Aschaffenburg Germany Actively

Compactor and wheeled excavators from the HVAC rental PARK are at the completion of the ring road in Lower Franconia in use. Aschaffenburg, Hamburg, June 22, 2012. Click Theory of Planned Behavior to learn more. Since spring 2011 rental machines from the HVAC rental fleet in the East ring closure for the construction company strategic building in the lower Franconian Aschaffenburg in use. 9-ton compactor, 8-ton mobile excavator and other HVAC equipment are active at the road construction site, as well as accompanying measures here running trains. With the currently under construction last section, achieved the breakthrough to the Schonborn road in the northern part of the ring and the city ring closed, which Sud part previously for years ended on the Undercrossing of the alley.

Due to the close proximity to the main railway station of Aschaffenburg several railway lines and the ICE Frankfurt-Wurzburg line must be beneath here on a short distance. This includes a number of bridges were required; their establishment hardly affected the rail traffic. Helmut Barino, Manager HVAC Aschaffenburg Stockstadt, explains: we are since almost two years in the Aschaffenburg region and the contractors know that we are a reliable partner. Our branch in Stockstadt is strategy building and the other companies involved in this construction site in 2011 to the side and delivers the desired machines always reliably directly on the construction site; Time delays will be avoided.” After completion of the last section of the city ring around the Centre of Aschaffenburg, Germany is ready and will in the future ensure that road traffic to flow more quickly. The most difficult part of the construction project is the construction work around this last section of the route at the same time: here railway lines, including an ICE track, must be crossed several times, before finally ring OST ring West come together. About HKL Baumaschinen HKL is construction machinery manufacturer-independent owner and distributor of construction equipment, construction equipment, containers and trucks.

Founded in 1970, that 2010 birthday celebrated his 40th, is in Germany with its rental fleet and Service offering largest full-service provider for construction, trade, industry and municipalities. HKL has a rental fleet of 30,000 machines construction machines, holds approximately 2,000 used machines for sale and offers, in addition to the wide range of machine, in the HKL BAUHOPs a wide range of workwear, anBaugeraten, tools and small machines for every need. With its nationwide over 130 branches, the full-service provider guaranteed 100 construction shops and over 40 ServicePlus centers close to the customer and the schnellenService site. HKL Baumaschinen in Poland and Spain, and from June 2012 also in Austria has additional offices.

Barcelona Classes

DJ Barcelona classes are looking for DJ classes in Barcelona? I offer classes tailored to your needs and custom DJ! DJ classes learn to puncture does not amount if you prefer to use vinyl, Cd s or computer. In particular classes with Dj Vinz Player will learn as: sync issues apply effects work with loops Mastering EQ select topics that harmonically combine. Kinds of dj in barcelona are individuals at a price of EUR 25 time in my small Studio or in your home if you have your own equipment. Call me at the phone or send me a mail: Dj classes in Barcelona: A complete course formed by several Dj classes: could for example have the following content: 1 systems to puncture: in this first kind of Dj obtrendas knowledge of various systems and various tools that today in day a DJ can use and how to connect them. To turn DJing with dishes and get the first contact with the world of vinyl. 2. Synchronization of two or more themes, (Tempo). Students learn how to work with the pitch for square topics and Pierce with vinyl and CD s.

This class also looks like square topics in digital and to work with the beat grid. 3.Sincronizacion and selection of topics that combine harmonicamente. We will continue working in the synchronization of the issues as we have begun in the first class. Part of square topics by tempo also learn how to select topics which combine harmonicamente to achieve mescalas perfactas. 4 Effects I, Loops and Beatjump in this class we will look at the effects (Delay, Chorus etc.) most important pair a Dj. The digital world opens new doors to the DJ s.

We will look at how to create loops instantly, modify them, and how to create small remixes of a live topic. In addition presentare Kaos Pad a touch effects processor. 5 and 6. Structure and recording of a DJ set. Publication on Internet will apply the acquired knowledge to record a session for Dj. Ademas students will learn how to record a set in high quality and the structural factoras more important as the intro, outro, breaks and highs. At the end how to publish free of charge a log in to Dj online and share it with friends on Facebook.

Proper Diet

Having a proper diet is important to lose belly. The majority of people today are tired and stressed the sedentary lifestyle that lead. There is very little physical activity during the day. Most of the time will spend it sitting with work at the Office or simply take a too leisurely life. If you are not eating a nutritious meal, sooner or later you start to accumulate fat in the body and the intestine. Belly fat is the FAT type more difficult to burn, once the fat begins to accumulate in the waist tends to be stubborn. If you can not find time to exercise at the gym or stay active for reasons of work or family, at least you can control your diet. Http:// pursues this goal as well.

Here you have some guidelines on what you can do to optimize your diet and lose belly. The first thing that you can start to do to control your diet is to drink more water during meals. Doing this will make you feel more full and eat less. As a general rule, you should try to drink between 8-10 glasses of water a day. Be well hydrated has the additional benefit of helping you keep your body completely clean of impurities, while maintaining your normal digestion, and also achieve a clean skin. Drinking plenty of water also helps digestion and help break down foods properly to take advantage of the nutirientes of your meals. A diet high in protein with fewer calories from carbohydrates and lean meats are ideal for fast weight loss. Proteins are foods that require more energy on the part of the body to decompose them, your digestive system much more strives to break down the calories of proteins than carbohydrates or fats. So eat a diet rich in protein will help you keep the feeling of satiety or let’s say of fullness for longer.

Alliance Argentine

It was during the cold war, and the presence of the Cuban revolution in Argentina, the reason for the rupture of the Alliance antiperonist in 1966, attested by the night of the long sticks, which I rush the return of Peron to the Argentina in 1972. Much had to see in this also, the victory of the Unidad Popular in Chile. Sometimes ignores, in 1968, in his book La Hora of peoples, exiled Peron in Madrid, as argued that: man and the Argentine State had been destroyed. Shortly after the death of Peron, it would occur soon, the coup and the tragic happening, that it comes having profuse denounces scholarly and journalistic, that would take beginning of end, into the Argentine defeat in the South Atlantic Guerra. Check out Gabriela Turk for additional information. It is not one minor detail that all the coups, such as constitutional Governments that happened between 1930 and 1976, counted with the support of significant sectors of the population, particularly those linked to the formal devices. After this defeat, struck the full validity of the rule of law. Along with it, followed all the axes of antagonisms that were accumulating and extolling from the very beginning of the presence of the Spaniards in these lands. You may want to visit Cyrus Massoumi to increase your knowledge. And as well as the development of the cold war had an impact in the Argentine evolution, should also do so with the end of that conflagration, symbolized by the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, the beginning of the management of Carlos Menem, as constitutional President of Argentina, management which lasted until December 1989.

It should be noted that to allow the re-election of Menem, as it was done for Peron in 1949, was the 1994 national constitutional reform. During the Menem administration, and in a global by others different, context and the full force of the rule of law, culminated the process of dismantling of the productive structure that had begun even before the fall of Peron, but with other sesgo(Poco se recuerda que en 1954, fue votada la primera ley de privatizaciones en la Argentina)number 14.380, and this had support in the doctrine Peronist). The productive structure is based on a strong presence of the State and the participation of businessmen and capitalists, and incipiently Argentine unionized workers. Between 1955 and 1999 had hardly been a single spring economic decision in the hands of the State or of Argentine private capital. What happened between December 1999 and today, knowledge is public, even when this knowledge is interested distorted by the mass media. Happily the traumatic advent of communication technologies and the information emblematizadas by Internet, allow makes known other interpretative ways, such as this communication, of this complex scenario.

Previously expressed, it fits into that sentence from Emerson (we can only see the outside, what we have inside), aims to provide an obviously subjective appreciation that allows us to characterize how marked by crisis pandemic Argentinas and systemic. Put differently, we believe that distinct worldviews that are housed in the Argentine population contain old and overlapping conflicts, making it difficult to obtain agreements of widespread acceptance. Therefore, it is risky to make predictions.