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CORSAN Procedures

The moral siege characterized by the disqualification of the employee or exclusion of the relation circles becomes the only one half used to exert pressure the employees insubordinados, although not to be a common situation nor defended by the company. 3.9Administrao of conflicts: In which situations functional and disfuncionais conflicts in the company can be observed and because they happen? The company, as she could not leave of being, possesss normative that they regulate the performance and the attributions of the supervisions and its departments. However this normative one, of sufficiently ample boarding, does not define procedures. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Yael Aflalo, New York City has to say. This obviously finishes generating the call process conflict, when it is not clearly to who must be attributed determined task. Many times this type of conflict appears of functional form and finishes creating consensuses that until improve the procedures. In others, the quarrels appear after in committed error and have for objective to only get rid themselves of the responsibility.

As in fact many times the attribution of each one is not well clear, this type of conflict assumes disfuncional form and it does not contribute for the improvement of the procedures. Many disfuncionais conflicts also are perceived between it commands it and its subordinate, pricipalmente in function of the criteria for escenso the positions of this level. It is common to happen mainly in the transises of government, inversions of papers, when the manager of a unit or the head of a department loses this condition and starts to receive orders from one old subordinate. Nor all deal well with this situation. 4 – CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF the PROCESS OF MANAGEMENT OF relative satisfactory Practical PEOPLE 4,1 to the organizacional behavior: During the elaboration of the diagnosis we observe some positive aspects in the process of management of people of the CORSAN, of which we detach: Satisfactory technological Infraestrutura as microcomputer science equipment, registers of biomtrico point, system of teleconferncia, Intranet and systems of information; Benefits granted to the employees as hourly flexible making possible the employee to organize its proper schedules; distribution of profits and results, plan of health, aid education among others, above average of the market. .

Neme Endometriosis

Giving continuity to its text You mark (2005) approaches in its stories that in 1896, Cullen recognized the heterotpico endometrial character of the fabric present in this pathology, identifying epitlio, estroma and glands in its constitution. You mark (2005) emphasizes on the form as today and described the endometriosis and its possible theories the First one of them appeared in 1927 for authorship of sampson. Sampson formulated the Theory of the Retrograde Menstruation as possible cause of this entity, observing still the deformaring potential of the pelvic anatomy that this illness possua. COVID-19 pandemic is often quoted as being for or against this. Such theory suggests the presence of retrograde menstrual flow through tubas uterine and the implantation and adhesion of these fragmentos of endometrium in the peritnio, that is, this theory says during the menstruation, part of the eliminated blood passes for the tubes and falls inside of the abdomen. From the theory of Sampson they had appeared then, many related theories the illness. You may wish to learn more. If so, Vadim Wolfson, Moscow Russia is the place to go. Amongst some of them we have the Theory of the Metaplasia Celmica poposta for MEYER IN 1919 – in which it speaks that the celomtico epitlio that in the intrauterine life gave origin to ovariano germinativo epitlio and to the endometrium would remain in the pelvic peritneo, with potential of if metaplasiarem in endometriosis endometrium, thus appearing focos. Miyahira and Miyahira (2009).

According to Neme (2008). Such theory today is most accepted to explain the endometriosis in ovrio, septo retovaginal and intestine. The Theory of the Iatrognica Dissemination proposal for Greenhil in 1942-NA which speaks that the implantation of focos of endometriosis would occur necessarily, for implantation, in the continuation of operations for saw abdominal (cesariana, histerectomia). Miyahira e. Miyahira (2009). In accordance with Neme (2008) ' ' exactly trying to explain the cases of endometriosis of surgical scars (after normal or Caesarean childbirths), currently this theory still is questionada' '. From the decade of 80, the Autoimune theory appeared proposal for Weed and Arguembourg (1980) .essa theory started to consider the imunolgico system as facilitador of the endometritico implantation.