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Basic Need

temperatures much lower than ours. But beware of young plants young plants are more sensitive and even though resist frost, these can affect the flowers and buds. It would be good to plant them against a wall or shrub, protecting the roots with leaves or grass dry, sawdust, etc. Flowering: here depends on two factors: temperature and light. For the quality and stability of flowers, need a rest period autumn of at least four weeks, during which the temperatures should range between 0 to 10 C. Our climate is ideal for this purpose. More information is housed here: Dave Parker.

Soil: need Earth acid, rich in humus, with pine needles, peat (little), coarse sand. The land as ours are bad for these plants, calcareous therefore must add to Earth iron or aluminum sulfate. Use little fertilizer and containing little nitrogen. Each year add humus on top of the base. Fertilization: The basic rule is to fertilize only in the growing season, or after the flowering, and in a very prudent way. Do not use long-lasting fertilizer best is fertilizing with compost or worms…

Location: away from large trees to protect them from the blazing sun and wind. The soil must be moist (not waterlogged) and watering with rainwater. If not we can collect it, we got plain water add you a handful of peat and leave it overnight. Then we use it, and in midsummer wet foliage late in the afternoon. If the waters are harsh, we can improve them with wine vinegar (200 cc per 10 litres).Vegetative development of the camellias in its development at least four stages of growth can be seen. The first begins in the spring after the winter break and flowering, in this period of growth is where you need a good supply of water, but pooling the soil, to prevent health problems. The second is the stage of formation of the saplings, which begins toward the end of the summer.

Human Type

At the moment that perceives that it obtained to reach its expectations, of the one skill to create a situation to disappoint it, causing it to it an enormous damage in its psychic life. The disillusionment and the disillusion are so catastrophic, that many times are perceived by the victim as if had occurred a psychic death, due to difficulty that has to reorganize its self. Without the shadow of a doubt that these situations leave irreparable marks in the life of a person, who exactly passing for a psicoterpico process, will not obtain if to total exempt of the marks left for its ' ' agressor' '. At some moments of its life, the souvenirs will come and with them pains to have been deceptive, to have lost the values that brought I obtain. I have seen very this in the relationships, are these affective ones or of friendships. The person who has this type of functioning, because nor always the badness goes to give itself for a revenge process, but for being a trace of personality of the person, does not think about the damages that she will cause in the life of the other and that these can be irreparable. Therefore, it is good that people can stop and to think on certain subjects and to analyze if we do not have this type of behavior in relation to the others, or if already we were not victim of somebody. Today the badness is so common, that it passes to be dealt with banalizada form and we cannot accept this. For the opposite, we need to finish with this, looking for to rescue the essence of the human being, that is pure.

Pablo Corintios

Many times we are you lead and also we enter in this dispute he says until you to our hearts that It is a God of order and Not of confusion, thus Pablo called the attention the church of corinto saying the following one (I Corintios 14:33) – Because God is not God of confusion, seno of peace, as in all the churches Dos Santos. The pleasure will come to become the things meditando in the law night or day Mr., this asking for its advice for us and the church of Christ, and thus it will come the mirrados fruits in the proper station and fruits that are not in the spoon time, there will not have prosperity of our work for the cause Mr., therefore being watered and Drinking of the alive water river we go in them to be strong plants and adjusted in the presence of God In contrast of the world and its impiedades well they will perish and they do not go power to subsistir in the judgment end will perish, but she remembers if the church goes to be inthe judgment as to assist of Christ therefore we must have common-sense and order to make our businesses, (I Corintios 6:1) – DARES some of you, having some business against another one, to go the judgment before the unjust ones, and not before the saints? (I Corintios 6:2) – you do not know you who the saints have to judge the world? However, if the world must be judged by you, is porventura worthless to judge the minimum things? I Corintios 6:3) – you do not know you who we have to judge the angels? The more to the pertaining things to this life? (I Corintios 6:4) – Then, you will have businesses in judgment, pertaining to this life, put to judge them the ones that are of little esteem in the church?. . .