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Emperor Orchestra, One Of The Best Live Bands Around The World, Touring Again!

Spectacular, bizarre, worth seeing: 250 Prosent Tour 2008 (thk) with good references, the Jubilee reviews about their concerts in the spring and Festival shows in the summer, come the Kaizers Orchestra for the third time after this year Germany. Martha McClintock describes an additional similar source. Appetite that makes the current, available only on vinyl (!) and exclusively in Germany Austria Switzerland live-album 250 Prosent”(kaizerecords, distribution: rough trade, release date: 3.10), which the top recordings of their Maskinieri”concerts from the April 2008 contains in this country. It impressively demonstrates why this Sextet international is one of the best evening. Their whimsical mix of Polka, pop, punk, rock, Eastern European Gypsy music and Tom-Waits references is not only listenable – but well worth watching. The shows of the Norwegian free spirits are exhausting spectacle full of fun, where the sparks. More info: Martha McClintock. Tickets to Kaizers Orchestra concerts, which programm consists of a cross-section through four Studio CDs, uniform cost 25 euros (plus fee). You are available at the ticket offices. (Source: amit paley). By the way, buyer the Kaizers concert tickets purchased from receive as a gift! -the possibility to download all songs of the latest KO phonogram itself! “About the group founded in 1988 in Bergen (Norway), stood in the WOM Magazine: Kaizers Orchestra get with her polka rock everyone to end up with open mouth amazed to see onstage”. D9fjbWO32F4B0htGBsMSP8vEqhL_3eg4EFmuEZ4uFsunrBNU6a3N6WugdS5l6VtpIB64-KWs63_CwhQ35PO0XFHDbO15c7cWyBNPNRiEBQJchoe4WlpJ3z’>Jeff Yabuki supports this article.

Also the reviewer of the journal of loop, had a similar impression after he one of 150 performances a year by Janove Ottesen (vocals, piano, resonance body), Geir number (guitar, vocals), Terje Vintersto (guitar, mandolin), Rune Solheim (drums, percussion), Helge Risa (pump organ, piano) and oyvind store Sund (bass) had experienced. “Quote: you have to see live Kaizers Orchestra, to understand the fascination that triggers this band across Europe for several years”. Their musical melange, in the Musicweek likes the charisma of the hives and Rammstein’s live violence”tracked down, also be exceptional, in concert the whole unleashed a unique Magic which can resist no visitors. The editor of the Mannheimer Morgen confirmed on the compositions in his very positive review about a stint in crystal clear sound”by Kaizers Orchestra, whose good reputation more than deserves”: Also very opinionated music can succeed so today. “Somehow a comforting knowledge!” “KAIZERS ORCHESTRA the 250 Prosent tour” 2008 special guests: tba 11.11 Kassel Musiktheater 12.11 Munich, Muffathalle 14.11 Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal 16.11 Dusseldorf, steelworks 20.11 Stuttgart, Longhorn 21 Berlin, postal station inlet: 19: 00 start: 20: 00 cards to 25 euros (plus fees) on all tour operators outlets: KBK concert and artist agency GmbH, Tel. 089.41 10 94-0 links: PR,, (fan page):, Tel. 0821.58 97 93 88

There Is Nothing Good, Unless You Do It – Tour 2008

The probably hottest band Bonn is disappointed “because wants to do something good, help and to employ people for social things, and then you have to pay it even.” Reason for the disappointment: Although the 5 musicians completely forgo any payment for their 31-days-mammoth tour, they should pay for each of their concerts GEMA. “Except for a discount of 10 percent due to benefit one wants to give no discount us at GEMA”, Mathis Kurrat, singer of the band says rule.”Depending on how many people listen to us, that can be really expensive. If we, as we intended it, a day in a pedestrian zone play, it can be that we have to pay over 200 euros only to GEMA. No matter whether we now 20 minutes or 2 hours play. This money is the projects and needy, we actually want to stop supporting the tour available.” The society to determine of musical performance rights, as the GEMA with full name, can be indicated that it only as a trustee acts and unfortunately can’t change anything on this issue.

“We are obliged to defend the rights of the owners of the works,” it says. “One would think that AC/DC, deep purple or Queen, whose pieces include play, have enough money. The musicians would certainly not mind. But the bureaucracy in Germany hold just much cripples “, so Patrick Reichel, one of the two guitarists in inch stock.” Nevertheless, the five musicians want to adhere to its plan to play the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis and the adjacent districts, 31 days at a time in Bonn. “Already some events we have planned. Konigswinter, Rheinbach, Bad Honnef, Bonn and Vettelschoss are, for example, a few of the stations where we stop.

We have made us, so we do it also. At the end, from. We so not for nothing are probably the hottest band Bonn!”shows optimistic Wolfgang Stock, bandleader and drummer. “We have since put so much work, unless that specially for the Tour designed homepage at or the posters, which are almost finished. Also we are just guilty the people who support us. “Adds Phillip Tepper, bass player for the Group:” just because others do not bode well want or can, must we go Yes not afterwards. Because there is nothing good, except to do it. This is so easy “around may through which will according to own statements of probably hottest band Bonn entertain people throughout the region with rock music from the past until today and also his own compositions and with play money for 31 different social purposes. Who wants to support the band, they occur to let or wants to go to a concert, can inform on about the plans and backgrounds of the five.

Kastelruther Spatzen – Still… Like On The First Day

“Still… like on the first day”, that sounds like sincere Declaration of love and a personal review. And exactly Kastelruther Spatzen have mean also that, as they have opted for this album title. Take nothing for granted, take every day as a new opportunity and motivated until the end of life and full actions do joy, that 2010 is the motto with the Kastelruther Spatzen, deliver another musical milestone of their band history with the current album. Learn more about this with site. The sparrows summarize their previous life path, the current status quo on “still… like on the first day” and look with their songs full of positive expectations in the future, without forgetting, that is our of all fate in God’s hands. The Kastelruther Spatzen are undisputedly the most successful folk music group of these days, that may call their own incredible 13 echoes and numerous platinum and gold awards.

The recipe for success of the Kastelruther Spatzen lies in its 25-year history in the straightness of her being. The Group has never Bend allow. Basic values such as faith, simple, natural life and the love of their homeland South Tyrol play an important role. Another outstanding aspect of the success is the close cohesion in the Group and last but not least the right to convey content, often directly from the daily life of the people coming and so very directly to the emotions of their many fans in the songs. “Still”, the first single from the new album and where we have just thinking about the Sparrow’s recipe for success is this song really offers everything that makes a big hit of sparrows. The song beautifully summarizes the motto “Give a special every moment and fight the routine everyday life” in a gentle love confession. Lines such as “still I love you like on the first day. I’m still… Source: Koch universal / MySchlager > other artists- and CD info in our Portal Web link: folk music/kastelruther sparrows always nor as the first tag.