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' ' The etiology remains obscure: they have been suggested causes and biochemists, cerebral injury or some inherent riot psicognicas that result in perspective difficulties of learning, but does not have conclusive evidences in this sentido' ' (DALLY; HARRINGTON, 1978). The autismo still presents, unknown cause. Perhaps check out Dean Ornish M.D for more information. Although, research tries to unmask genetic factors associates to the illness, providing discovered how much to the neurobiolgicas causes, these, linked to the autismo. As convulsions; mental deficiency; reduction of neurons and sinapses in amgdala, hipocampo and cerebellum; encfalo increased and serotonina circulating intent, all suggest fort genetic influence. At the same time, studies with monozygotic twin (MZ) demonstrate to agreement for the autismo in 36 92%, on the other hand with dizigticos twin (DZ), this agreement null or is diminished. However, to if considering cognitivas and social abnormalitys, the acceptance level goes up for 92% between MZ and 10% between DZ (CARVALHEIRA; VERGANI; BRUNONI, 2004). In way to emphasize the cited one above, other authors affirm that the hereditary succession also is a predisponent factor to the autismo, in which evidence recurrences of the upheaval in affected families, being able to be noticed a bigger index in relation to the general population (SOUZA; GUIMARES; BALLONE, 2004).

In order to strengthen the paragraph Gillberg (2006 above apud ALBUQUERQUE; CROSS; RUTHES, 2009, p.2) assevera that: ' ' The incidence of the upheaval is of 2 the 4 men for each woman, being affected 0.2% of the world-wide population. The risk of brothers of autistas to present the upheaval is of 4 5% and this incidence increases in identical twin for 60 90%' '. The infantile autismo is one of the main divisions of the autismo, that involves genetic factors, neurobiolgicos and ambient, even so has necessity, of bigger clarifications how much to these .causing factors. It has neurobiolgicos studies that they denote high levels of serotonina and dopamina, fenilcetonria, epilepsy, increase of ventricle, among others cerebral abnormalitys.

Package Sounding

– To cut esparadrapo for setting and to mark the sounding lead. – To measure the sounding lead of the wing of the nose to the lobe of the ear. – To more measure of the lobe of the ear until the appendix xifide 2cm; to mark with esparadrapo. – To lubricate the sounding lead with topical local anaesthetic with gauze aid. – To introduce the sounding lead without forcing slowly. – Flectir the head of the patient front when the sounding lead to exceed the obstacle of the nasofarngea wall.

– To ask for to the patient to deglutir and to breathe deeply, while the sounding lead is introduced delicately until the mark of esparadrapo. – To verify if the sounding lead is in the stomach through the following procedures: to place the estetoscpio below of the appendix xifide, to introduce 10ml of air for the sounding lead with aid of the syringe. – To fix the sounding lead with esparadrapo, without compressing the marina, in way that is insurance. – To in sequence leave the comfortable patient and the unit. – To keep the material. – To wash the hands. – To write down in the lapsing of the patient; schedule; number of the sounding lead and the reactions. Gavagem Gavagem is the food introduction through a nasogstrica sounding lead.

The objectivo of the gavagem is to feed patient unconscious or disabled of feeding itself for it saw verbal. Used material for the gavagem – Syringe of 20ml – Package of gauze – Cup with water – Receiving for garbage – Estetoscpio – Receiving with foods – Ball of cotton with alcohol. Techniques of nursing in the gavagem – To wash the hands – To prepare the material – To guide the patient on the procedure – To raise the headboard of the bed, if will not have contraindication – To verify if the sounding lead is in in agreement stomach the technique of nasogstrica sounding.

Yunes Freitas

Ratifying this thought, Goldberg, Yunes Freitas (2005) except: We are living a period of transistion and change of values, but we cannot leave to analyze that values are emerging of this new after-modern society: the descartabilidade? The apathy? The inaquality? The arrogance? The cultural industry comes creating an environment where the proper activities of infancy are moving radically, what, therefore, it provokes changes in the infantile development under the entrancing influence of the capitalist expansion. With this, what it was vital for the children was being little by little taken, as: the yard, the streets, the squares and the too much spaces for the playful convivncia, occurring one refluxo of the public space for inside of the domestic space, where the toys and the television had started to be the great friends of the children.

As direct consequence, a certain standardization of the gostos of the children was delineated, of its preferences and necessities, rank that attended the same programmings. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD is often quoted as being for or against this. ‘ ‘ Without knowing cultural the children, its real practical, its social contexts, the authors of infantile materials contribute for the naturalization of esteretipos’ ‘ (DIONSIO, 2006, p.8). With this, it is not difficult to assume that the understanding that had also developed concerning the proper body was estereotipada, ‘ ‘ a time that the esteretipos if form frequent from a mixture distorted of inadequate impressions on the others, incomplete or defective perceptions, great generalizations that ignore differences internas’ ‘ (BAPTISTA, 1996, p.5). The existence of an ambiguity as for the influence of the Cultural Industry in the formation of the personality of the children is observed, in this context, which comumente is permeada by stereotypes, amongst which if it detaches that one related to the corporal image, that is, referring to the way as the individuals they see, they think and they feel its proper bodies.. Click Jim Rice to learn more.

Neme Endometriosis

Giving continuity to its text You mark (2005) approaches in its stories that in 1896, Cullen recognized the heterotpico endometrial character of the fabric present in this pathology, identifying epitlio, estroma and glands in its constitution. You mark (2005) emphasizes on the form as today and described the endometriosis and its possible theories the First one of them appeared in 1927 for authorship of sampson. Sampson formulated the Theory of the Retrograde Menstruation as possible cause of this entity, observing still the deformaring potential of the pelvic anatomy that this illness possua. COVID-19 pandemic is often quoted as being for or against this. Such theory suggests the presence of retrograde menstrual flow through tubas uterine and the implantation and adhesion of these fragmentos of endometrium in the peritnio, that is, this theory says during the menstruation, part of the eliminated blood passes for the tubes and falls inside of the abdomen. From the theory of Sampson they had appeared then, many related theories the illness. You may wish to learn more. If so, Vadim Wolfson, Moscow Russia is the place to go. Amongst some of them we have the Theory of the Metaplasia Celmica poposta for MEYER IN 1919 – in which it speaks that the celomtico epitlio that in the intrauterine life gave origin to ovariano germinativo epitlio and to the endometrium would remain in the pelvic peritneo, with potential of if metaplasiarem in endometriosis endometrium, thus appearing focos. Miyahira and Miyahira (2009).

According to Neme (2008). Such theory today is most accepted to explain the endometriosis in ovrio, septo retovaginal and intestine. The Theory of the Iatrognica Dissemination proposal for Greenhil in 1942-NA which speaks that the implantation of focos of endometriosis would occur necessarily, for implantation, in the continuation of operations for saw abdominal (cesariana, histerectomia). Miyahira e. Miyahira (2009). In accordance with Neme (2008) ' ' exactly trying to explain the cases of endometriosis of surgical scars (after normal or Caesarean childbirths), currently this theory still is questionada' '. From the decade of 80, the Autoimune theory appeared proposal for Weed and Arguembourg (1980) .essa theory started to consider the imunolgico system as facilitador of the endometritico implantation.

The Collateral

The recommended dose is of 1 1,5 mg/kg IV in bolus, being able to be repeated half of this 10 dose to each 5 or min, in a total of up to 3 mg/kg. A dose of maintenance (2 the 4 mg/min) is always necessary after the reversion of a FV/TV. The collateral effect, over all in aged, are: vertigo, bradicardia, BAV and assistolia. Amiodarona: It is indicated in a series of arrhythmias, ventricular as in such a way supraventricular. In the PCR, it is recommended as drug of aid in the control and reversion of the FV/TV without pulse. In the PCR, the dose is of 300 mg IV in bolus followed, if necessary, of another dose of 150 mg after 3 the 5 min. You may find coronavirus vaccine to be a useful source of information. The dose of conservation is of 360 mg in 6 hours, followed of 540 mg in 18 hours.

The maximum dose in the 24 2,2 hours is of g. You may find that Yael Aflalo can contribute to your knowledge. You leave Calcium: Used when it occurs hipocalcemia, hipercalemia or only hipermagnesemia or in the poisoning for chokes of the calcium canals. The dose of gluconato of calcium 10% is of 5 the 10 ml/EV slowly or calcium chloride 10%, 2,5 the 5 ml/EV, happening again it dose to each 10 minutes, if necessary. Magnesium (magnesium sulphate): Its imperfection is associated the cardiac arrhythmias, symptoms of ICC and sudden death. Its correction must be carried through in patients with refractory and recurrent FV or TV associates to the hipomagnesemia.

The used dose is of 1 the 2 g diluted in 100 ml of managed SG 5% and in 5 the 60 minutes. Sodium bicarbonate: It does not have formal recommendation for its use in PCR. For the opposite, collateral effect have been pointed with the use of this substance. As during the PCR acidose she is lctica and dependent of the ventilation absence, the reestablishment of this costuma to be enough to correct the acid-basic balance.

Hair Shampoo

The women always are worried in leaving madeixas and about brightness, maciez, volume and easiness of combing. To some ways of she leaves-ls pretty, but she always has a doubt of the specific product for the type of hair and the necessities of the wire. But it is that question Myth or really? Shampoo without salt is not better that shampoo common? A done research recentimente confima with the aid trained hairdressers analyzed the results and proved that the two types of cosmetics had presented the same effect in brightness, maciez and volume. The two types of shampoo make the same effect fit to choose for each type of hair. Already the hidratao creams also have that to be indicated for each type of hair.

It has prescriptions caretakers but for some people they do not decide then the good one exactly is to buy a good cream of treatment and to make massage wick for wick and to leave in the headress acting per some minutes. To make a deep cleanness in the hair, the tip is to use good shampoo antiresidues. It goes a tip to hidratar the hair in house and an easy and efficient prescription: 1/2 avocado, 250 ml of yoghurt natural, 1 xampu of its preference has beaten the yoghurt with the avocado in the liquidificador. It washes the hair the 2 3 times takes off the excess of the water with a towel, it distributes the hair for wick and it goes only applying in the length and in the tips to give the one best one resulted it leaves to act in a headress is optional but it increases the effect. One another secret that is well efficient is the blisters they helps to hidratar the hair but numca takes care therefore must be mixed some another product under the risk of, without wanting, to finish mixing incompatible ingredients. The correct one is to use the pure blister in the clean and humid hair to leave to act per 10 minutes and to rinse. If to want, you can apply a little of conditioner later. When it will be to pass the blister if not to equecer of never massagear well the hair alone the tips and in the cabeludo leather.

Institute Nurse

To the birth of Just Born, it exists a series of cares and procedures to be trod, as aspiration, maintenance of body temperature, cares with the umbilical lace, among others that they are of responsibility of the professional of Health. This research searched to identify in the professionals, to the accurate accomplishment of the procedures the first hours of life of the just-been born one, in the Institute of Health Elpdio de Almeida-ISEA in the city of Great Campina. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. The sample was of 18 Nurses who exert its activities in the room of childbirths of the institution in study. The data had been collected through a semistructuralized questionnaire, where they had been you deliver and waited the answers. It enters the citizens in study 80% are of the feminine sex and 20% of the masculine sex, the majority are felt affected by the demand of the Maternity in study, 100% defend the application of all the procedures without excluding none and 33% possess experience the sufficient one to act of coherent form. From these findings proposals can be made in order to make possible quarrels for implantation of possible improvements, that have impact in the process of positive results in the assistance to the RN in its first hours of life. Although the innumerable difficulties that the nurse possesss of knowledge and of accomplishment of its work, how much to the paper of the nurse, we can conclude, through the gotten results, who this withholds the paper of intensifier in the care to the RN, it occupies a strategical space and of reference in the team, where easily it is identified by its leadership, work in team and valuation of the different ones to know. The nursing is the art to also take care of and a science whose essence and especificidade is the treatment to the human being, and all the nurses of this maternity, had shown to understand this question perfectly.

The Medicines

It is important to be capable to differentiate between the normal and abnormal alterations in the people aged as well as educating the patient and family on these differences. Ausiello (2005) emphasizes that the state of health in the aged one is the result of many factors also the chronic illnesses of the aging. The falls that occur in one tero of the aged ones result in damages, breakings and high serious cognitivo risk. According to related mortality in aged it seems to be resulted of multiple contributing causes, exactly that a cause can be primary. It is verified that some types of health indices contribute as characteristic sociodemogrficas, habits of health, factors of risk, subclnicos clinical illnesses and, disability and cognitivo comprometimento. Fragility is found in aged a, which is considered as a debilitating syndrome that presents some symptoms and signals, also reduced muscular mass, loss of weight weakness, tolerance to the unsatisfactory exercise, low physical activity, reduced motor performance (AUSIELLO, 2005). Ausiello (2005) tells despite the fragility is a state of diminished reserve and absented vulnerability. The fragility syndrome is associated with risk of fall and necessity of hospitalization, incapacity and mortality.

The loss of associated muscular mass to the aging which occurs in 13, 24% of 65 people of a70 years of age and in 60% in 80 years of age. The domiciliary therapy can increase aged the lean corporal mass and the same force in the more fragile these evidences suggests that initial periods of training of fragilities can be attenuated the fragility of periods of training even so final probably are a death omen. The preventive cares of health are efficient in aged and the attention on the practical clinics and physical habits of health since immunization until activity (AUSIELLO, 2005). Ausiello (2005) in its literature tells that the alterations associates to the age in the health and the illness are the result of variations in the alterations physiological latent that occur with the 5 age, presences of other illnesses and clinical conditions that if develop in elapsing of the times, genetic predisposition, for another illness factors of style of life, diet exercise, exposition the medicines and toxins, clinical entisica variety, illnesses and conditions.

Brazilian Antibodies

The rehidratao must be immediate! The control of the fever is important, by the way, knows well that the rise of the temperature is an acknowledgment of the organism on some infectious process occurring in this patient. The moment where the infectious agent (antigen) penetrates in the organism the immune system enters in action, producing prohibited (antibodies), to fight the invading virus (antibodies). The fever is a reply of our organism and appears for the action of the immune system fighting an infection (antibodies destroying antigens). The professional of the health knows of this (or she would have to know), would have to also know that, in some cases of Affection the reactions are stronger for some specific reasons: Patient in cardiac medicine use, (anticoagulating, antiagregantes plaquetrios), antithermal medicine use (AAS), and main and the most serious one: Patient suffering the SECOND AFFECTION! Independe if the search for particular attendance or the public net, the medical unpreparedness is very great! It sees the example of the medical young work of the PSF, during the 2008 epidemic. When it has love and devotion when exerting the medicine, that earns is the population! The interest to the presented clinical picture, the adjusted basic actions can prevent the death of the patient! To another question: What it is happening with the Brazilian research? I come back to question: what it is happening in the research institutions? Some researchers have many years of institutions inside, seem to be in one? cmoda comfort zone? , following old and exceeded theories, keeping hypotheses maken a mistake on factors essential to eliminate the vector, first step to finish with the AFFECTION. One becomes urgent a releitura, a new study on the virus of the Affection. As already I cited in published articles already,.- 722/artigo/, the necessary research to advance and fast! After the evidence of the theory of the Finlay researcher (1881) that they were not ' ' miasmas' ' yes mosquitos that transmitted the Affection or Yellow Fever and was not easy? to knock down? exceeded hypotheses, Carlos J. .

Reproductive Health

The paper of the Basic Attention in our nation is distinguished, that acts through the ESF, aiming at by means of its components to supply cares with qualification in the assistance to the Sexual and Reproductive Health of the woman, a time that if has as tool base the familiar planning propitiated by the nurse in its professional performance in the ESF, perfazendo the routine clinic and not prescribing only STEEL, also giving information to the women to have the safe and free use of preconceptions and discriminations, this everything guided by taking care of in health, whose objective of the Nursing, is to receive of being under its cares. BRAZIL REFERENCES. Health department. Secretariat of Politics of Health. Assistance in familiar planning: manual technician. 4. ed. Brasilia: Health department, 2002.