I do not want to remain a priest. yPuedo resign and abolish the sacrament of order in me? Do not really believe that the body of Christ is in what we call host, go to Communion ypuedo thinking this? Etc. With that I say, not to say that you do not have enough theological training to understand the fact. Please do not want you to understand well. I believe you much and that is not my intention. What I try to do is to share with you something from my personal experience. For me in particular this does not have a religious sense, but I would rather a sense of natural order.

I am very sorry, hear or see someone want to give up one of these sacraments. It is unfortunate to see this, but that it occurs, is given. Unfortunately, the sacrament can not be deleted, because there was one and only time. But of course, if you reach the point of not able to maintain a marital relationship, the parties must be separated so as not to turn this into an inferno divine sacrament. But we must understand something very important and you can not deny: the intimate intercourse of man and woman, can only be provided within the sacrament of marriage. But happiness can not be reduced to this event.

As I said before happiness is relative and can be happy in a thousand ways. I can not say I'm not happy, not having a daughter, I would have liked. I try and I can be happy with what God has given me and what I live. But I can not deny or reject, so that I could reason and faith understand. I want to say that I regret very much if someone known to me or for you, is passing through this crucible. But by reading our views in these articles, it may be of some help. A handshake and a hug. '.