Geographic Space

The complex thought constitutes in the diversities of understanding of the reality that surrounds the individual, in this direction, geography contributes in the study of the relations of the man with the way, what it makes possible the understanding of the formations and transformations of the reality, being one disciplines to transdisciplinar needing other sciences for the agreement of the experience place of the man: the planet Land. To understand the Geogrfico2 Space in its formations and transformations, makes with that the pupil understands its proper place of experience. To rethink practical the educative one on the geographic optics, is to breach with the paradigm that if extends during decades in basic education I, mainly after the implantation of the Social Studies in the Law of Basic Lines of direction (law number 5,692/71). The initial formation of the professor in geography, brings for the citizen a holistic vision concerning the categories of analysis of geography: Place, Landscape, Region, Territory, Geographic Space. This article intends to analyze the importance of the Formation continued for the professionals of basic education I, whom they desire to give geography lessons, however they are not graduated disciplines.

The article Delimits to question it the professional who leciona in basic education disciplines it to I of geography, without, if to worry in enabling itself continuously regarding geographic science. The article makes an analysis and a reflection regarding these professionals, being carried through a bibliographical inquiry by means of documentary research in books, magazines and sites. Alfabetizar in the content of the world it is of the point of view of geography, to identify in the nature technical produced the contradictions where we are inserted, looking for to unmask the necessary actions to the construction of a new world, of a new nature, in which the human act has the identity of its humanity. To read the space is to understand the GEOGRAPHIC SPACE the geographic space is one ' ' space social' ' , one ' ' space produzido' ' , one ' ' formation partner espacial' ' , a space physicist (' ' first natureza' ') where the process of gnese and development of each social economic formation is the proper formation of a geographic space, one ' ' second natureza' ' , one ' ' nature tecnificada' ' (PAGANELLI, pg 133, 1987).