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IT service management software with format is a solution that has prevailed in the early 2000s in IT service management, Bomgar. The software solution was developed by the same company is considered very safe way in remote support management. The company was founded in 2003 and carries the name of its owner, the developer’s Joel Bomgar, meanwhile (2012) the software is one of the world’s leading IT service management solutions. Use of the Bomgar solutions In the German-speaking countries is the remote support software by partners sold and serviced, bring with itself many years of experience in the IT service management. In addition to the distribution of the tools is also customizing at the customer as well as the subsequent support including staff training. In the area of enterprise remote support software is regarded as virtually unbeatable, the security level is extremely high, there are out-of-the-box – interfaces, which establishes the connection to traditional IT service management tools. One of the prominent features of the Software is its multi-platform ability, which gives administrators of any system of remote access to computers as well as on mobile devices. The safety requirements to ensure level 2 certification, as well as the extensive product penetration test the Bomgar solution by the FIPS 140-2 the Symantec performs.

Technicians and supporters are able to provide timely, effective customer support by professional remote management using a Bomgar solution. Here, the support staff with the customers via outbound connection are connected to the appliance. These documented auditfahig all changes and activity support. The document can be hung then as needed on a ticket of change or an incident ticket, often it is provided the customers via self service page. Additional optimization according to ITIL is a process optimization as well as an improved service possible for ITSM solutions the out-of-the-box integration for BMC ARS remedy, HP Service Manager,. ServiceNow and Hornbill can be used.

The start of open tickets is supported as well as a troubleshooting incidents, the found solution implements the software automatically in the Incidentticket, where she can be obtained in the future. Thus, the solution times of the incidents be considerably accelerated. Is also possible to operate as a standalone solution, this is also preferred in smaller architectures. Hear from experts in the field like Daryl Katz for a more varied view. The functioning of Bomgar first enables the secure remote control of servers, PCs, and mobile devices. This is done through enterprise firewalls through over encrypted connections. Support staff have access to the desktop of the client, assume the devices and can operate like spot. Meanwhile, the customer can continue normal on his device. Both – supporter and customer – connect externally to the Bomgar appliance. Bomgar documented all the records and their changes, as well as the logs to third parties any data passed. For the management are the audit – and reportingfahigen documentation available, so that, for example, support activities can be traced, the use of reports in the chance or knowledge management is also possible. The most important characteristics of the Bomgar solution are summarized as follows: on-site appliance immutable data storage on the appliance direct integration with user directory 3rd party tested Symantec security assessment tested certified FIPS 140-2 level automated Auditmechanismen automatic documentation from each session storage file transfer details and chat protocol creating a Flash movie in each session the software is multi platform capable and granted access to Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Windows-based mobile devices, also on iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry. A command line access to routers, switches, and other devices is also possible. vishesh editorial